Sculpture of Boston Marathon Legend Bobbi Gibb to be Unveiled

What: Unveiling of ‘The Girl Who Ran’ sculpture

When: Tuesday, October 5, 2021, from 6-8 pm

Where:   Hopkinton Center for the Arts, 98 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinton, MA 01749

Sponsors: The Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Marty’s Fine Wines, Start Line Brewing, and the 26.2 Foundation.

Please join us in celebrating women, art, and distance running with the unveiling of the sculpture of Bobbi Gibb on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, from 6-8pm at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA).

Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, is sharing her lifetime wish – to sculpt a life-sized statue of a female runner and have it placed on the Boston Marathon course.

“My hope when I began working on the sculpture was to create something that captures the power of the human spirit as well as providing inspiration for all who look to take on the challenge of running 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston,” said Gibb.

“We believe it is long past time to recognize the Boston Marathon’s great women runners,” said 26.2 Foundation President Tim Kilduff. “The fact that Boston’s first woman runner is also an artist makes this unveiling absolutely unique and appropriate.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Bobbi Gibb in person and Boston Marathon champions Bill Rodgers, Sara Mae Berman, Amby Burfoot, and Jack Fultz. Reception starts at 6pm and is followed by the program and unveiling at 7pm.


Roberta Louise “Bobbi” Gibb (born November 2, 1942 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is the first woman to have run the Boston Marathon in 1966. She is recognized by the Boston Athletic Association as the pre-sanctioned era women’s winner in 1966, 1967, and 1968. At the Boston Marathon, the pre-sanctioned era comprised the years from 1966 through 1971, when women, who under AAU rules could not compete in the marathon. In 1996 the B.A.A. retroactively recognized as champions the women who finished first in the Pioneer Women’s Division Marathon for the years 1966–1971.
Gibb’s run in 1966 challenged prevalent prejudices and misconceptions about women’s athletic capabilities. In 1968 Gibb finished first among five women that ran the marathon. It was not until late 1971, pursuant to a petition to the Amateur Athletic Union by Nina Kuscsik, that the AAU changed its rules and began to sanction women’s division marathons. Kuscsik won the initial AAU-sanctioned women’s division race at Boston in 1972.
While many people know Bobbi as the first women to run the Boston Marathon, few people know her as an artist. She finds creative expression through her bronze sculptures and acrylic paint murals.
For more information about Bobbi’s art go to:


The 26.2 Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit 501(c) (3) organization with community roots in Hopkinton, MA. Its mission is to promote and support the sport of marathoning, as well as health, wellness and economic development initiatives through strategic investments in innovative, multi-generational programs on local, regional, national and global levels.

Halloween Party!

Get your tickets now! From what I’ve been told, this Halloween Party is always a blast! You don’t have to have a child who participates in Gloucester Youth Football or cheer to attend….you just have to be ready for a great night and be happy to support these kids.

This year’s Halloween Party is on Friday, October 29th @ 7:30 at the St. Peter’s Club. Reach out to Chrissy Madruga at 978-491-0074 for tickets. They cost $15 each and there will be prizes for best costumes, a DJ, cash bar, and a raffle.

Help support Gloucester Youth Fishermen Football and Cheerleading and get your Trick or Treat on with us.

Magnolia 525 Tavern Fundraiser a Big Success!

A fundraiser for the O’Maley field hockey team was held last week at the Magnolia 525 Tavern on Lexington Ave and it was a huge success. We stopped by for some of the fun and to help support the team as well as the local restaurant. It was easy to make the online reservations or you can call. The food was yummy: I had the Asian Short Ribs and Jim had the Eggplant Parm special. The strawberry shortcake was a sweet way to end the evening. The place was hopping especially with so many team members and their families in attendance. Special shout out to Josie Martell for organizing the event. If you want to offer a fundraiser, this is something to consider!

Woolly Bear Forecast (Reprise) — pat morss

I posted this on GMG Saturday afternoon. It was followed by a very large posting that slid it and others down the page, and shortly off the recent postings on the live website. Joey approved a re-posting, but apologies if this is a repeat.

Woolly Bear Folklore:

“The longer the woolly bear’s black bands, the longer, colder, snowier, and more severe the winter will be. … If the head end of the caterpillar is dark, the beginning of winter will be severe. If the tail end is dark, the end of winter will be cold.”

You be the judge.  Also, I always wondered if they turned into beautiful moths or butterflies (see first two photos).

This Woolly Bear was out for a walk with us – head at upper left
He’ll turn into an Isabella Tiger moth (thank you Internet)
A Red-tailed Hawk hovering over its dinner on the Audubon land
Speaking of dinner – is this a keeper?
Another walking companion
Can you still see me?
And speaking of deer – the elegant visitor ‘Deer Dancer’
A Turkey Vulture scouting for road kill, or something fresher
This month is apple-picking season
The Turtles’ favorite rock is finally visible, but tight for a three-some (see 3 heads)
Looks like a good year for Monarchs assembling for their flight to Mexico
Gulls lit by the setting sun
And another impressive sunset over Lighthouse Cove mooring field

Joe Higgins AKA @FishPrinter has his tail art featured on a New England Style IPA made by Channel Marker Brewing


Joe writes- When I’m not drinking tequila or whiskey I’ll have a nice IPA – @channelmarkerbrewing is introducing a New England style IPA featuring my tail art on can – just in time for October – check them out in Beverly – I’m sure I’ll do a giveaway or two

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