MAC FITNESS GLOUCESTER would LOVE to welcome you back!

Cape Ann Wellness

Have you previously been a member at MAC Fitness? Are you ready to come back and get back into your routine? If so, now is the time. When do the thoughts of “I’ll be in tomorrow, or next week” stop? START TODAY! Make a difference, break old habits, and try something new that your body and mind will thank you for. Are you looking to be held accountable? Are you looking for motivation? Well, MAC FITNESS Gloucester is the place for you. Give us a call at 978-283-8900 or stop by!

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Another happy client in the books thanks to Super Kate!


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Congrats to her buyer! @alhill5564! A special day for my son and his dad! So happy to have had the opportunity to work with you both! 💙

Call Katelyn for all your real estate needs! 979-473-0922

FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS: Vineyard vines sells the “gloucester cashmere 1/4 zip”

The email announcing this new addition to the Vineyard Vines catalogue reads, “Fishing for Compliments in Gloucester”….. and, while the cashmere 1/4 zip sure is nice, you had better hook up to more than a couple compliments if you want to buy one at the listed price. Still, regardless of the price, it’s kind of cool to have a Gloucester inspired sweater in the mix of Vineyard Vine’s collection.

“Even the most weathered fishermen can appreciate the softer things in life. Enter: our Gloucester Cashmere Quarter-Zip. Named after the famed seaside community of Gloucester, MA, and made from 100% naturally breathable and lightweight cashmere, this sweater is perfect to wear under a jacket for the evening sail or over a button-down for dinner and drinks at the yacht club.”

Find a Story at Little River Landing

There is always a story waiting for you when you stop by the Little River Landing. This time it was about the birds, mostly the herons camouflaging waterside. I was very impressed with how well they blended in. The cormorant seemed not to notice as he bathed and the kingfisher turned his back on the heron pair, but noisily.