Kids Halloween Festival at Stage Fort park a monster bash #gloucesterMA

Mayor Romeo Theken and friends, Gloucester 2021 Halloween Festival at Stage Fort Park was a smash. Congratulations to the party planners, Roseanne Cody, Jamie Margiotta, volunteers, generous sponsors and partners. All of Stage Fort Park was in use on this beautiful autumn day. I forgot to take a picture at the dog park but it was busy and festive, too.

Enjoy a few snapshots of the Gloucester Halloween Festival Stage Fort Park 2021. How fun to see not one, not two, but three tractor hayrides looping Stage Fort Park.

Mayor Romeo Theken cues the crowd

See Jimmy Dalpiaz GMG post from the prep at City Hall readying for this big event

Beauport Cruiselines-Back to the 80’s Halloween Cruise!


Bring out the neon, high tops, and glow sticks for this fun night on the water-we’re sailing back in time to the 80’s!

Enjoy our dinner buffet, dance to DJ Scottie Mac tunes, and throwback on this exciting 80’s themed Halloween Cruise!80’s attire is strongly encouraged!

Beauport Cruiselines

Friday, October 29th



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The YMCA of the North Shore Theater Company:

Now Offering Theater Training & Performance Opportunities at the Cape Ann YMCA

A Place and  A Purpose

Announcing professional theater training for young people ages 5- 18 at the Cape Ann YMCA taught by Gloucester native and award winning actress Heidi Dallin. Theater at the Cape Ann YMCA kicks off with a  Holiday Delights Performance Workshop during which student actors can learn the basics of professional theater as well as  be part of a Cape Ann holiday tradition.

The 7 week  session culminates in a workshop performance of scenes from Holiday Delights for family and friends at Ames Hall in Salem.  Set in Gloucester, Holiday Delights is a festive evening of stories, music and movement recounting the special traditions that other cultures and families experience as seen through a young child’s magical journey on Christmas Eve to discover what is really important during the holiday season.

Theater training at the Cape Ann YMCA provides young people an outlet to nurture their creative potential while developing self-confidence, communication and teamwork skills as well as introducing them to the skills necessary for professional theatre.

For the first week only: 5-9 year olds will meet Friday, October 29 from 4-6 pm for a skills workshop and intro to the play and 10-18 year olds will meet Saturday, October 30 from 10 am to 12 pm  for a skills workshop and intro to the play. Please note the workshop meets Fridays, 4pm-6 pm and Saturdays 10am -12pm. However, student actor schedules will vary according to their  roles and the scenes being rehearsed. 

All participants must wear sneakers to each session. The workshop performance of Holiday Delights will take place at 2 pm on Sunday, December 12 at Ames Hall in Salem.  

GloucesterCast 528 Livestream With Ron Gilson, Carla Grillo, Joe Higgins, Paul Gamber, Scottie Mac, Heidi Dallin and Joey C Livestreaming 10/23/21

GloucesterCast 528 Livestream With Ron Gilson, Carla Grillo, Joe Higgins, Paul Gamber, Scottie Mac, Heidi Dallin and Joey C Livestreaming 10/23/21

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This Is For the Ladies! Heated ORORO Jacket Available!

Whenever I wear my heated vest, I get comments (especially from women) who are intrigued by the heating element of the vest. It’s battery powered, provides heat front and back and I wear it throughout the spring and fall. However, I’d been wishing I had such a jacket and now Ororo offers a heated fleece jacket! Admittedly, this was Facebook clickbait that worked faster than anything else I had been mildly tempted by. I have ordered my heated fleece jacket (complete with battery…double check that if you are ordering) and will keep you posted but I am certain I will be thrilled.

Here’s a link to shop. There are also heated socks available, just FYI. This is just a recommendation, I am not receiving any benefit from sharing this info with you. I just love my heated outerwear and thought you might too.

Contestants So Far For The GMG Bloody Mary Contest Judging Will Be Live On The October 31st GloucesterCast!


  • Contestants bring a gallon of their Bloody Marys for live judging.
  • Winner gets choice of $550 value teeth whitening from Paul Gamber DMD or framed print from Joey Ciaramitaro $150 value Second place gets the other prize.

Contestant #1 Kristie at Manchester American Legion…

Contestant #2- Bex Borden

Third contestant-Zorba Kinigstein from George’s Restaurant and Bar

Contestant #4 Brianna Unsworth

Haunted by Hip Pain? Let Harmeling PT help!

Cape Ann Wellness

Join our Harmeling women’s health therapists on Thursday, October 28th at 6pm in our Gloucester office for tips and tricks to improve movement and strength!
To attend, please RSVP There is no cost for the class, however we will be taking donations to benefitThe Ellie Fund,suggested donation is $10. We can’t wait to see you there!

*Please note, masks are required in all of our offices for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.

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