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New Nia Routine: Trio: The music of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt

Finally (PHEW!) It is done. I hope it’s worth the wait 🙂

I wanted to explore the nine arms of movement in Nia with this routine. We will move to these great songs by legendary Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt (my idol). Each song reflects the movements, or my interpretations, of Yoga, Tai Chi (with some help from Nia student, Amy Shapiro, Taekwando, Aikido, Interpretive Dance, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Movement and Jazz. You may think its weird to put Jazz to this genre but hey it works!!

Here’s a preview of a few of my favorites for you to listen to to get in the mood.

You Don’t KnockMr. Sandman and Farther Along

Moving to Heal

Moving to Heal Nia is a slower, less intensive class with less standing and more done…

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Looking for an amazing beach house? or condo?

Cape Ann Home

First, get the Cape Ann Waterfront Guide. It’s full of all the hot Gloucester and Rockport post season activity: ACT, SOLD and UAG properties, with prices, photos, remarks and data. Timely information you’ll need to make a smart decision when “OMGosh! That’s the one!” comes on the market.

Click here to get The Guide.

Bob, Sue & Jeff McDermott • Kenny MacCarthy • Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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I asked Friends On Facebook For Their Favorite Gloucester Salads and Got Some Tremendous Responses. here’s the List:

Gloucester Wins another America in Bloom Award

Gloucester won the All-American Selections award through the America in Bloom program! Generous Gardeners grew special varieties of flowers from seed and displayed them in planters on Rocky Neck and Stacy Boulevard. Gloucester was one of 20 communities selected to participate.

Absolute Pandemonium In The American League Wild Card Race With One Remaining Regular season Game Left

“Explaining AL Wild Card tiebreaker scenarios

Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners, Blue Jays vying for Junior Circuit’s final 2 playoff spots”

BY Anthony Castrovince @castrovince for

The Blue Jays, Mariners, Red Sox and Yankees have tried to play along in advance of Tuesday’s AL Wild Card Game. A chance for a four-way tie is still alive, and things are still pretty tight in the AL Wild Card picture with one regularly scheduled day to goT

Red Sox: 91-70 (current 1st Wild Card)
Yankees: 91-70 (current 2nd Wild Card)
Blue Jays: 90-71 (one game back of 2nd Wild Card)
Mariners: 90-71 (one game back of 2nd Wild Card)

GloucesterCast 525 Livestream With Paul Gamber, Jim Capillo, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Mike Codair and Joey C Livestreaming 10/3/21

GloucesterCast 524 Livestream With Paul Gamber, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Mike Codair, Jim Capillo and Joey C Livestreaming 9/26/21 

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so this is happening oct 3 at 3pm – classical music classic place CAPE ANN SYMPHONY AT UU CHURCH #GLOUCESTERMA

Check out the progress underway on the tower

10/3 at 3PM TODAY – beautiful program lined up. Buy tickets online or at the door

Eagle Pair Returns to Magnolia!

As I posted, we recently saw a young eagle in our nearby “resting tree”. The very next day, we spotted a pair of adults in the “nesting tree”! I believe these to be the same pair we saw last spring in that same nest practicing building skills. I am very happy to see them return! Any sort of eagle sighting is a blessing.