See The Whales Soon!

Whale watching season is coming up on its last weekend for 2021 but you still have a few chances to get out there before the end of this month. Cape Ann Whale Watch will be running trips this upcoming weekend and I highly recommend this as an activity for guests, a gift, or just because you like to spend time out on the water.

Family was visiting last weekend and this was high on their list of activities so we made the arrangements and off we went. What a day! Dross and her 2021 calf have been entertaining whale watchers regularly this season but the calf really put on a show for us. There were at least a half dozen breaches, flipper flapping, and even tail thwacking (I think that’s the official scientific term!) so close to the boat that we got wet. Mom Dross showed us some feeding activity to add to the wonder of the trip. It was fairly choppy so photography was challenging but here are some of the results. As a huge bonus, the eagle you see here resting on Ten Pound Island followed our boat out of the harbor, dove toward the water and got itself a fish before it flew off! I was so startled I didn’t get any good shots of that little miracle but it goes to show you never know what you will see out there but it’s all wonderful.

**PS: Just noticed that all three of our local whale watches are included in this article about the Best Whale Watching in Massachusetts!

**PPS It seems likely the weather this week may change the whale watching plans in town, so stay tuned if you plan to go.**

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