A Statement from Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken

The following is a statement from Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken regarding the alert sent Monday evening to cellphones in communities at high risk for COVID-19:
“A Wireless Emergency Alert was sent to cellphones in the Gloucester area tonight regarding COVID-19.
“We want residents to know that this alert does not indicate an additional rise in cases in Gloucester. This is a standard, routine alert that is sent by the state to those in “Red” high risk communities as a reminder to follow the proper health and safety precautions.
“Though Gloucester is designated as a “Red” high risk community according to public health data released on Thursday, Oct. 22, our case counts have decreased significantly and have continued to decline since the first spike. We had 79 active cases one week ago to now 32 today.
“As of Monday, the status of positive COVID-19 cases in the City of Gloucester were as follows: 32 active cases; 449 overall cases (402 confirmed and 47 probable); 391 recovered; and 26 COVID-19 related deaths.
“Our current active case count has dropped significantly as cases continue to be released daily from quarantine. Even with five days of free community testing, we are not seeing an additional uptick in cases.
“The City also uses Biobot Analytics as another tool to track COVID-19 locally and wastewater virus levels have come down this past week as the count of new active cases have also declined.
“Gloucester is trending in the right direction and we are encouraged by this news. Residents must continue to practice social distancing, wear facemasks whenever out in public, practice proper hygiene and avoid gathering in large groups. With these measures, we are hopeful that Gloucester will be able to transition out of a high risk designation soon.”

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