Goodnight, Sun. Short Time Lapse

We made it to Plum Cove Beach just moments before the sun set and I took this quick little time lapse of the last couple of minutes. It always amazes me how quickly the sun drops below the horizon. If you’re viewing on Facebook, click the link to see the time lapse.

One thought on “Goodnight, Sun. Short Time Lapse

  1. This is for any hockey players who might be paying attention:
    In 24 hours the earth spins about 360 degrees. That is 360 * 60 = 21,600 minutes of arc (each of which is a nautical mile by the way)
    that is 21,600 minutes of arc in (24*60) minutes of time
    which is
    15 minutes of arc/ minute of time
    As any Sea Scout knows the sun subtends about 31 minutes of arc on earth
    You are absolutely correct the sun takes about 2 minutes to sink 🙂


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