Four Red Rowboats

These red rowboats were beautifully posed down near the Long Wharf Landing though they drifted just enough to make it seem they were signaling by Morse Code. Dash, dot, dot, dash. It feels like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss tale: Four Red Rowboats Sitting in the Water……

4 thoughts on “Four Red Rowboats

  1. Hello, Enjoy Good Morning Gloucester. I can not help to try again to write and have someone respond back to me here in Middleburg Florida. The four red boats triggered me to write in hopes to hear from someone who works Good Morning Gloucester. I have been hunting for talking to someone about Grand Banks dories. The red boats sure do look like dories to me. Again Love to get a response… Thanks so much…Wish you all well….


    1. Thank you for your comment. I do not know much about Grand Banks dories but will ask around and put it out there on the podcast if I get an opportunity.


    2. You might contact Geno Mondello at the Dory Shop here in Gloucester. I do not have an email contact but the address is 23 Harbor Loop Gloucester MA 01930


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