The Magnolia Community Farmers Market wishes to thank everyone

The Magnolia Community Farmers Market wants to thank all.
I say as consumers we should be thanking this wonderful committee for all their hard work through a very difficult time.  Thank you

Meet our team

The Magnolia Community Farmers Market planning committee consists of Alana Horne, Greg Farrenkopf, Rebecca Doyon, Dylan Enos, Nying Gallo, and Bob Marshall (pictured left to right, Bob not pictured)

All Purpose Flowers
Pigeon Cove Ferments
Donna Ardizzoni
Ardizzoni Photography
Hold Fast Company
Cape Ann Olive Oil

@The Cave

Cape Ann Sea Salt Co.

@rocky shores glass

Marshall’s Farm Stand & Greenhouses
Robert Marshall
Julie Ann Geary
Classic Cooks
Linda Brown
David Kelley
Sherry’s Corner Cafe
Anything Grows LLC

@bliss Bites

Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen
Lauralee’s Country Kitchen
Carol Mondello
Bonny Breads
The Magnolia Pub
Eclectic Clam
Sweet Reebs Heavenly Dessert Company
Beckah’s Bangin’ Butter
Flappin’ Haddock Creations
Sharon Lowe
Magnolia Community Farmers Market

 is feeling blessed at

Magnolia Community Farmers Market

Our team of planners would like to offer heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, our vendors, our photographer, and most importantly, you, our shoppers. The Magnolia Community Farmers Market would not be possible without the support of the wonderful community around us. When Covid19 offered up a host of unsurmountable obstacles for our 2020 summer season, the community embraced what seemed at first like a daunting task. What evolved was an amazing plan to feed our neighbors in a safe and easy way and we could not be more proud of what we accomplished! We sincerely thank you all for your support and your commerce this summer and we cannot wait to see you all in the spring, hopefully back on Lexington in the sun where we belong.





  • Happy to support you all! Thank you for having your brainstorming sessions with us, and glad our parking lot was able to allow for your pick ups in these socially distanced, crazy times!!❤😷
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    • The Magnolia Pub

      LITERALLY could not have done it without you!!! Many many many thanks!!!


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