Prized Possession

I am blessed to have a good friend who is a tremendous artist.  I’m blessed because she’s amazing in many ways….but, that could be a post for another day.  For this post’s purposes, I’m blessed because she agreed to paint a very special piece for me.  I had seen that she was working on a new technique.  She had painted a piece of her son swimming under water…and it was gorgeous.  I immediately knew that I wanted to ask her a favor.

Last April we traveled to Mexico and spent a wonderful day out sport fishing in Puerto Adventuras.  At one point the captain pulled up to a small island and let us snorkel off its coast.  While snorkeling, I captured an underwater photo of my boys swimming with a turtle.  It was such a special little moment and a photo that I’ve treasured ever since.  I sent it to Paula and asked if she’d be willing to paint it.

The end result took my breath away.  It actually takes my breath away each time I look at it. It encapsulates a moment of my boys’ childhoods that I’d like to freeze forever.  It is vibrant…and it is beautiful.  It is absolutely perfect…exquisite really, in my opinion.  I find myself staring at it every single day.   I can not thank Paula Morgan enough.  Take a moment and browse some of Paula’s work by clicking on the links below.

Check out Paula Morgan Fine Art by clicking HERE

Some of Paula Morgan’s work can be purchased here on Etsy 

Paula’s new Instagram page, Paula Morgan Art, can be found here:


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