GloucesterCast 434 With Pauline Bresnahan, Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 8/9/20

GloucesterCast 434 With Pauline Bresnahan, Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 8/9/20

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Topics Include:

Thanks to Rick Ardizzoni computer is in house

Greasy egg and cheese sandwich  the morning of a hangiover or a late night pizza before bed?

Boat Ride to Manchester for Breakfast- Allie’s Beach Street Cafe was outstanding/Dockwa $8.  Hop skip and a jump

Niles beach at 1:30PM on an August Saturday there was not a lot of people there

Pauline’s Gifts Solar garden posts

Pat went on a photo walk event sponsored by The Trustees at Appleton Farms last night and it’s worth reporting………

GMG Jimmy won 2 tickets to Fenway next season from the Gloucester Stage auction! Thanks to Alan Willsky for the donation! It includes lunch and a tour. Happy to support Gloucester Stage.
Beauport Staycation a little different under COVID protocols, but still a winner.
Two most improved restaurants in Gloucester are 1606 and Mile Marker
Rocky Neck Fox

Tigers vs. White Sox Little League Game

We had the pleasure of watching the Tigers play the White Sox  at Boudreau field this weekend. Our own Little Leagues days are far behind us, but it was nice to watch kids playing baseball again. It looks a little different in some ways….coaches reminding players to use the sanitizer is a new one for us…..players delayed getting on to field for mask retrieval…..but it’s still kids playing baseball!

Thanks Little League Coaches and Helpers!

We stopped by the Tigers vs. White Sox game at Boudreau field yesterday morning. A post featuring the players will follow, but I couldn’t help but notice how many adults gave up their Saturday morning to help these kids play ball…….And I am very well aware game time is not the only time you all give up for the benefit of the team and the players. Thank you all very much for your time and efforts to help Gloucester’s children get a little bit of normalcy back into their lives. Shout out to you all…..I don’t know any of your names but I am very appreciative of your efforts.