Norah Fogarty receives Bike from KOPS n Kids Program

2020-08-03-1595Lt Jeremiah Nicastro from Community Impact Unit,  Kops N Kids presented Norah Fogarty a a new bicycle, her great aunt Marcia O’Brien brought her to the unit to surprised 10 year old Norah.  She was also introduced to Chief Ed Conley and even sat in his chair. 



Norah Fogarty with Lt Jeremiah Nicastro


Surprise “Pick a Bike”


“This the one “Lt Nicastro and a very happy Norah


Norah with Chief Ed Conley


A very happy and appreciative young lady


Lt Nicastro very satisfied making a difference in the community



2020-08-03-1596    2020-08-03-1595

NEW Business in a business: Ken and Regina Lane Raise the Bar at Seaview Farm Wine Room curated by Paige Farrell #CapeAnnEats #RockportMA

Raising the Bar!

Explore a great and diverse wine list expertly built out for a specialty farm stand amid the natural beauty of Cape Ann.

Seaview Farm NEW wine (and craft beer)  room will open to the public Wednesday, August 5th, 2020, and along with the farmstand, will be open seven days a week from 11-6. The farmstand opens at 10am.

Learn more about the  selection  from Ken and Regina Lane, Seaview Farm owners (first photo), and Paige Farrell, Wine Curator (second photo) below:




About the wines at Seaview Farm

Bringing wine and craft beer to the Seaview Farm Store provides a wonderful opportunity to further enhance the selection of our own grass-fed beef, specialty foods, and other farm products. As owners of Seaview Farm, we worked closely with wine curator Paige Farrell as she carefully selected wines, which would resonate with the space itself — a room in the farmhouse that has been in our family for nearly 200 years.

Paige took a classic approach, setting the wines of France and Italy as the foundation; and then sourcing synonym wines from alternate European countries, as well as from the Finger Lakes in New York State, and the vineyards of California, Oregon and Washington. – Ken and Regina Lane

The selection of wines on offer is just a taste for all that is to come, as the Seaview Farm Store continues to develop as one of Cape Ann’s local culinary treasures. We are delighted that the combination of our farmhouse setting and Paige Farrell’s experience and passion for wines of the world means that our customers will have a selection of wines worthy of this beautiful region.”

Ken & Regina Lane, owners, Seaview Farm, and Paige Farrell, wine curator for Seaview Farm, Freelance Writer, Fine Wine and Hospitality Consultant, WSET Advanced Certification, Wine and Spirits; Diploma, 2020


About Paige Farrell

Paige Farrell has worked with fine wine for over twenty years, including at two Relais & Chateau properties. She has collaborated with Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand at the renowned Tru in Chicago, and with Barbara Lynch at Menton in Boston. In addition, she works with major corporate clients as the public relations, marketing and event manager for the Boston wine trade. For individual clients, she curates wine selections for private wine cellars. As a wine writer, Paige writes regularly for Northshore Magazine, and has written for The SOMM Journal, ELYSIAN Magazine, and several other publications. She has taught extensively about wine.

” Wine is more than a beverage to me. It’s a gentle chameleon; a muse connecting food to drink to family to friends to places to times; a portal to a slower pace and  — perhaps most especially — a poetic pause.” – Paige Farrell

Paige will be available to hire for private events, tastings, and personalized wine selections from the farm shop. She can be contacted at Her website is

Paige Farrell holds a BA in French from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with studies at Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris, France and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Presently, she is a Diploma Candidate with the prestigious Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). She is also a photographer, and has exhibited at Jane Deering Gallery and Flatrocks Gallery, both in Gloucester, Massachusetts.


The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – LIVE STREAM/FACEBOOK Monday @ 8pm 8.3.2020

Good day, Jamily!!
It’s another hot one out there, and tonight’s lineup is even HOTTER!!
We hope to see you all seeing us!


go here >

Pat Conlon – 8:00-8:15
Tom Satch Kerans – 8:20-8:35
Sunni Badore – 8:40-8:55
Bobby C (via Jeannine Cardoza) – 9:00-9:15
John Mulrooney – 9:20-9:40
Renee Dupuis+Joe Cardoza+ Dennis Monagle – 9:45-10:05
Amanda Cook – 10:10-10:25
Luke Conlin – 10:30-10:50

Spread the good word! 🤘🏼🙏🏼🎵

Solomon Jacobs Landing

2020-07-26-1352 Stitch

“Solomon Jacobs Landing & Park were named for Captain Solomon Jacobs, who fished in the early 1900s.
A native of Newfoundland, he was known as the “King of the Mackerel Killers” for his ability to land huge catches of mackerel.
Years ago, this area was filled with dozens of sail lofts, warehouses, fish plants and multi-family houses.
Most of those buildings were demolished in the name of “progress” during Urban Renewal projects of the 1960s and 1970s, and replaced with “modern” structures.
The park was created in 1975 as part of that renewal process.
Today, this is one of the best places to watch the ever-changing boat traffic in the harbor.
New Public Landing
In 1999, the City’s Waterways Board established Solomon Jacobs Landing, the first new public landing in decades.
The Landing includes the pier at the end of the Park and new floats and gangways for public access to the water.
Public landings are to provide places where residents and visitors alike can tie up boats for short periods of time while they buy supplies, eat, or otherwise spend time ashore.
This Landing is also the base tor Gloucester’s Harbormaster.
Plans for additional public restrooms, showers and other improvements are under consideration.”  see Historical Market Project

Cape Ann Artisans August 15th Mini-Tour – Updated Schedule

The August Cape Ann Artisans Summer Mini-Tour
Gloucester and Rockport, MA.
Saturday,  August 15th 8-4.   Plum Cove Studio 9-4.

Contact: or leave a message with
Cynthia Curtis 978-546-6186


August Collage.jpg

Based on the success of the July Mini-Tour, the Cape Ann Artisans look forward to a second one-day event on August 15th.   To beat the heat, the hours have been moved earlier.  Six of the studios will open at 8AM; Plum Cove Studios will open at 9AM and all will close at 4PM.

The participating artists include David Archibald, Cynthia Curtis, and Erin O’Sullivan & Scott Place (Twin Lights Studios) representing the ceramic arts.   They are joined by painter Jillian Demeri, sea glass jeweler Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, glass artist Beth Williams, and Pamela Stratton Mosaics.   The group has self-selected based on their ability to use outdoor spaces and welcome visitors safely.

Once again, the Artisans will take full advantage of their outdoor spaces to offer “safe” visiting and shopping.  The feedback from July was extremely encouraging with all artisans enjoying art sales, new regional visitors, former patrons, and people strolling the neighborhood and responding to the signature pink signage.   A Salem visitor shared her experience enthusiastically.

Our visit to the mini-tour of the Cape Ann Artisans could not have been more delightful. Under the restrictions of the Covid protocols, the artists were welcoming, informative and glad to have visitors. Their welcome was gracious and their art was impressive. We did buy ceramic lamp bases from David Archibald, and are thrilled with our purchase. We are very much looking forward to the next tour. And of course, Cape Ann is a work of art in itself.

Visitors can easily group the tour into geographic proximity by visiting the Gloucester artists and Rockport artists in sequence by neighborhood from East Gloucester, to downtown, to Riverdale, Lanesville, and Rockport (or reverse). The full Cape Ann Artisan Tour map can be downloaded at

Artists are all taking appointment by phone, email, and/or Square for visitors that would like to reserve a specific time.  Appointments will be given first priority if the studio is at Covid-compliant capacity.  Look for our pink flags to way-find to the open studios!

The Artisans have also confirmed the Fall Tour for Saturday and Sunday, October 10-11.   Details for the Fall Tour are forthcoming.    All the Cape Ann Artisans welcome appointments throughout the season and hope to hear directly from visitors.

Artisans ask for visitors to be Covid-Compliant, wear facial coverings, practice social distancing, and use hand sanitizer which will be available at each studio.

Sunset Surfer

Thatcher and I pulled over quickly to enjoy the sunset at Plum Cove Beach.  With no legitimate parking spots available we decided to move along, but I snapped four quick photos first.  This surfer walked across the shot as I did so.  A happy photobomb ….as I think he kind of completes the picture.


35 Years in Gloucester! Happy Anniversary GMG Jimmy!

We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today and it also marks a more momentous occasion; that of GMG Jimmy’s first trip to Gloucester! We first visited Gloucester together in 1985 on our honeymoon and it was Jim’s first taste of Cape Ann’s glory. We have been returning ever since and, as you know, have now retired here to fulfill the dreams of our working life.

I wanted to mark the day in a special way so I stuffed myself into my wedding dress so that 2020 could be memorable in some way (haha).  There are still sparks going in our marriage, as you can see here.  Happy anniversary Jim!



Here are some pictures taken from our 1st anniversary trip to Gloucester in 1986: street fair, cut bridge with Yankee Freedom and Rockport. I thought you might like a little trip down memory land also.



Here’s John Eric Stevens AKA @cutbridgecrazzieness Getting Hoisted Up For