Let’s Go, Bruins!

The Bruins play Game 1 of Round One of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes this morning at 11:00 am!   11:00 am??  NESN let everyone know on Instagram last night, “For everyone worried about tomorrow’s game time…..we got you” along with an excused tardy slip for employers.   Tune into NESN for pregame beginning at 10:00 and for puck drop at 11:00.


Hummingbird August Antics

The hummingbirds in our back yard have been VERY active recently. They have been flitting, flying, dashing and chasing each wildly other like a bunch of toddlers let loose on a playground. I was even able to capture two together in the image below.

Apparently this behavior is not unusual at this time of year when the young hummingbirds have fledged, so it really is like backyard full of wild toddlers. See this link: http://www.wildbirdsunlimited.typepad.com from Nancy Castillo.

I am sorry Joey, I am not trying to rub your face in it. Just sharing what I think our readers and followers might be interested in. 😆

Also sharing a different clip (taken prior to water restrictions) showing a hummingbird bathing happily. Similar to one I shared previously and still delightful.