GHS Covid-19 reopening plans update School admin pitches remote opening | special school committee meeting LIVE now 4:30pm

Gloucester School Committee special meeting at 4:30 today about high school and reopening plans

Friday August 21

4:30 PM
Special School Committee Meeting
Join from Computer, Smart Device:
Join via Phone: +1 (312) 626-6799, Alternate: +1 (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID:  856 3808 4830

GHS Principal Cook and Superintendent recommend first opening remotely to school committee right now– school committee discussion will come after


Remote learning schedule (above) readied that will be compatible with hybrid (below) eventually

Principal presenting proposed schedule A-LI cohort and Lo-Z cohort

Crisscrossing Salt Island sandbar | Good Harbor Beach at low tide #GloucesterMA


Low tide on Good Harbor Beach reveals a bonus extra visit-in-a-visit for beach-goers. Salt Island is a tied island. Crisscross this signature sandbar or ‘tombolo’ to explore the island features. Enjoy limbo adjusting wading depths as the tides rise and fall. Bringing lunch for an adventure away from our folks was always a thrilling dip into the waters of independence.



Salt Island was purchased back in 2017. Prior posts about Salt Island here and here.

John Abisamra Photography Show at the Rockport Art Association

John Abisamra_2020.jpgJohn Abisamra is a recognized Cape Ann photographer with a solo photography show coming up at the Rockport Art Association & Museum in the Marguerite Pearson Gallery. He feels very blessed to live in such a beautiful area as Cape Ann and wants to share what he captures with others. Abisamra particularly enjoys photographing during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset and is drawn to images where nature and manmade elements meet. His work is all about capturing a moment in time, which may never be repeated.

His photographs have been published in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Cape Ann Magazine, (including three cover photos), Lowell Sun and Gloucester Times. Abisamra is a juried member of Rockport Art Association & Museum, Newburyport Art Association and Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck.

Come and experience Abisamra’s stunning photographs of local scenes in person August 22 – September 10, 2020. Concurrently his exhibit will also be available online at: where his works can be enjoyed and purchased.

The Rockport Art Association & Museum is located at 12 Main Street, Rockport MA 01966, and is free and open to the public Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. For more information please call: (978) 546-6604, email:, or visit the Rockport Art Association & Museum website at:


Regina Piantedosi is the featured artist at Local Colors for the month of September

Hi Joey-  I am the featured artist at Local Colors for the month of September- After 5 years on mad fish wharf,  I’m in Portsmouth for my second season. I was wondering if u could help spread the word…

Im so excited to show in Gloucester!!!! 
” I am a second generation creative. It was for me, a hidden talent. I tried to write for years, but to no avail.It wasn’t until my mother, a wonderful and talented painter, was in a nursing home, 2013, did i begin my journey into expressive, non representational art.Once I started painting, i knew it was the most important thing I had ever done emotionally & professionally and must follow this with total immersion.After my mother passed in 2014 I opened a studio/gallery in Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester.​Being in the colony, surrounded by the sea and other artists, I started to develop two methods of painting.Influenced by ocean and cove right outside my door, I began painting singular, lonely, floating boats. It was a merging of my abstract roots and the plein air painters Rocky Neck Colony is known for.​I also continued expanding into the abstract by adding encaustic, metal, glass and all types of mixed media.​I am in my 7th year, but it seems a lifetime. I continue to create, to expand​I do believe this is just a beginning” -Regina Piantedosi

The singular boat concept formed organically watching the empty boats from my studio by the sea.There they waited through the foggy mornings, the relentless sun and the stunning sunsets. The stillness of Smiths cove; the reflection of the boat, the buoy, the mast. It whispered of serenity, solitude, isolation and turmoil. I took those emotions back into my studio and translated the feelings onto canvas.
I’d appreciate any exposure…. thank you so much

New weekly contributor – Chris McCarthy (aka GMG ChrisMc)

I want to thank Prez Joe Ciaramitaro for giving me the opportunity to be a weekly contributor to his award-winning blog.

My goal is to share my Gloucester experience as a new resident. I hope to make you laugh, scratch your head, escape the negativity, and most of all, convince you to shop, eat and vacation in Gloucester.


Thank you for this great honor Joe.

LEAP Completes Six-Week Internship Program for Gloucester Youth

GLOUCESTER, MA —LEAP for Education is pleased to announce that nineteen students from Gloucester High School (GHS) recently wrapped up paid virtual summer internships. These 6-week internships required each student to work with a career mentor to define and complete a summer project which was presented at a Zoom forum on August 11th. Students also were required to attend 10 hours of workshops that were designed to develop workplace skills needed to be successful in a career.

Some examples of internship placements included music production with music instructor and performer, Tami Papagiannopoulos, website development with Raincastle Communications, healthy cooking with chef and author Nina Simonds, video production with Danvers Local Access TV, program development with the Sawyer Free Library, and museum management with Cape Ann Museum. Zoom workshop topics covered effective workplace communication, financial skill building, and college and financial aid research. Students earned $500 stipends upon successful completion of their project.

“I went to LEAP for the opportunity to participate in this program. Being thrown into an environment where nine hours of work is expected every week really helped me to develop good work habits that I know I will need for the rest of my life. I also learned how to use digital tools to produce music,” said Gloucester High School student Ella Young.

Like many organizations and businesses, LEAP had to adapt in the wake of COVID-19. While a predominantly virtual program had its challenges, there were significant benefits to this shift. Students that previously had limited experience using technology have been able to boost their computer skills, particularly with Zoom meetings and computer tools. Additionally, virtual internships allowed students to participate who might not have otherwise been able to due to health concerns, transportation issues or schedule conflicts.

“Students with anxiety and other social issues that desperately need support were able to engage thanks to the virtual nature of the program. This was also a great opportunity to engage a wider community of professionals who were eager to help students with their projects,” stated program coordinator JoAnn Leavitt. “And, in turn, students gained important professional connections.”

The internship program was made possible through generous support from individual donors and institutional support from Clark R. Smith Foundation, Institution for Savings, Brace Cove Foundation, and the Applied Materials Foundation.

“We believe that now, more than ever, students need access to high-quality, hands-on learning opportunities that equip them with the skills and confidence needed for the future. We are proud to support LEAP’s career exploration programming that introduces students to a variety of career options through real-life work experience,” said Michele Walker-Moak, manager with the Applied Materials Foundation. With these investments, students were still able to earn stipends despite a decrease in teen work options due to COVID-19, which provided critical income to families in financial crisis.

Prized Possession

I am blessed to have a good friend who is a tremendous artist.  I’m blessed because she’s amazing in many ways….but, that could be a post for another day.  For this post’s purposes, I’m blessed because she agreed to paint a very special piece for me.  I had seen that she was working on a new technique.  She had painted a piece of her son swimming under water…and it was gorgeous.  I immediately knew that I wanted to ask her a favor.

Last April we traveled to Mexico and spent a wonderful day out sport fishing in Puerto Adventuras.  At one point the captain pulled up to a small island and let us snorkel off its coast.  While snorkeling, I captured an underwater photo of my boys swimming with a turtle.  It was such a special little moment and a photo that I’ve treasured ever since.  I sent it to Paula and asked if she’d be willing to paint it.

The end result took my breath away.  It actually takes my breath away each time I look at it. It encapsulates a moment of my boys’ childhoods that I’d like to freeze forever.  It is vibrant…and it is beautiful.  It is absolutely perfect…exquisite really, in my opinion.  I find myself staring at it every single day.   I can not thank Paula Morgan enough.  Take a moment and browse some of Paula’s work by clicking on the links below.

Check out Paula Morgan Fine Art by clicking HERE

Some of Paula Morgan’s work can be purchased here on Etsy 

Paula’s new Instagram page, Paula Morgan Art, can be found here:


Walter the Cat

Meet Walter. You can be forgiven for thinking he is a small dog…..he’s a very large cat. He’s the store pet at Animal Krackersat 232 Main Street.  Even though we have no pets, sometimes we find we need pet supplies and this is usually the first place I like to check. Today, however, was the first time I met Walter. He greeted me in a friendly, up-close manner (as cats like to do) to give approval to the cat food I was purchasing.  Service is knowledgeable and efficient. Go meet Walter! He appears to be posing for his mug shots here.


You’re invited to the 5th Annual Great Gloucester GrowDown – now virtual!

Cape Ann Community

BYG_GD_2020_100 (1)

This year, Backyard Growers‘ annual fall fundraiser, the Great Gloucester GrowDown, has gone virtual for the safety of our awesome community. At a time when more than one in five American households is experiencing food insecurity, our mission to empower people with the resources they need to grow some of their own food is more important than ever before. The GrowDown is raising funds for our essential work putting fresh produce on families’ tables through school, community, and backyard gardens.

Join us for a “party to go”, featuring…

🍅 Three-course pick-up picnic dinners for guests to enjoy in their own homes or picnic spot of choice, prepared by the incredible chefs at Short & Main using fresh, local ingredients from North Shore producers, and featuring a take-out signature cocktail

🥕 Incredible desserts from local bakeries Sandpiper Bakery and Mayflour Cake + Confections

🎬 A digital movie premiere…

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