Beach Towels

New product from Ardizzoni Photography, with art shows being canceled decided to shake things up and decided to do beach towels.  They are $30 a piece and can do any of my photos.  Here is a snapshot of some the photos that I have done.  Thank you all.

Thank you again, for more information please contact me at




Late Morning at Half Moon Beach

Beautiful Stage Fort Park hosts Half Moon Beach, one of my favorite stops because it’s kind of a hidden gem. It was late morning on a weekday recently and the weather was pleasant, but not blistering or humid. The beach and the park were very manageable. My favorite thing to watch at the beach are children exploring and experiencing and there were plenty on this day.  Families, friends, groups were safely distanced and seemed cognizant to take care about how close they got. It’s a refreshing stop on a summer day.