Cape Ann Museum update about their new digs ‘Cape Ann Museum Green campus’ #GloucesterMA

photo caption: Cape Ann Museum Green campus with a view from the new12,000 square foot Janet & William Ellery James Center out to the campus which includes three historic buildings (from right to left) the White Ellery House (1710), an adjacent Barn (c. 1740), and the Babson-Alling House (c.1740), all located on the site at the intersection of Washington and Poplar Streets in Gloucester.  Photo by Steve Rosenthal, 2020.


Cape Ann Museum Green campus taking shape with landscaping, solar panels, and final touches

GLOUCESTER, MASS. (August 2020) – Preparations for Cape Ann Museum Green, the Museum’s new campus off Grant Circle and Route 128 in Gloucester, have continued over the summer with further grass and new trees planted as part of an overall landscape design that will aesthetically combine three historic buildings on the property with a new contemporary archival collections storage and public exhibition space called the Janet & William Ellery James Center.

Designed to dramatically expand the Museum’s community, contemporary art and educational offerings, the almost four-acre campus is home to the three historic structures, the White Ellery House (1710), an adjacent Barn (c. 1740), and the Babson-Alling House (c.1740), all located on the site at the intersection of Washington and Poplar Streets in Gloucester. The new 12,000-square foot James Center includes 2,000 square feet of flexible exhibition and community programming space designed to reach broader audiences with new exhibits and public programs.  The James Center was built to LEED Platinum standards and was designed by Boston-based designLAB.  Integral to the building’s environmental footprint is the installation later this year of a 173KW Solar Array system on the building’s roof, and with recent city approval temporary art banners are now planned for the building’s Route 128 facing exterior.

“It has been thrilling to watch Cape Ann Museum Green evolve over the, last year” said Oliver Barker, the Museum’s Director. “This unique location, visible at the entrance to Cape Ann, offers a historic connection from the 1700s until today. The Museum’s mission is to celebrate our rich, diverse and deep history here on Cape Ann while also continually discovering new works by contemporary artists. This property symbolically brings all of that together in one place as the Gateway to Cape Ann.”

This pivotal Museum initiative has been in development since 2017 and was led by a Cape Ann Museum Green Committee chaired by William (Wilber) James. “The Museum is indebted to Wilber and his Committee, which includes Sam Holdsworth, Norm Chambers, John Cunningham, Stephanie Benenson, Dick Carlson and Suzi Natti, with encouragement and support from Board Chair Charles Esdaile, for their leadership, vision and commitment to creating a new cultural experience for our community and for visitors to Cape Ann,” Barker said.

“We are but threads in the fabric of life, building on the efforts of those who came before us and setting the stage for future generations” said Wilber James. “This property builds on the vision of our forebears and we invite others to join the Cape Ann Museum today in setting the stage for the future as a leading regional museum of American art that is relevant and engages our community.”

The James Center will provide critical state-of-the-art storage for the Museum’s expanding collections as well as the community space for education and art installations. Landscaping has been progressing since spring with the planting of dozens of indigenous trees, shrubs, and flowers alongside the campus’s notable fieldstone wall constructed from stones found throughout the property. A sculpture park at the campus is envisioned for the future.

photo caption: (Left) Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865), Babson and Ellery Houses, Gloucester, 1863, oil on canvas, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA, gift of Roger W. Babson, 1937 [779.02]  (Right) Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865), The Babson Meadows at Riverdale, 1863, oil on canvas, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA, gift of Roger W. Babson, 1937 [779.03].

The bucolic Cape Ann Museum Green property was the subject of three Fitz Henry Lane paintings in 1863, two of which are now at the Cape Ann Museum. View of the Babson and Ellery Houses, Gloucester, shows the Route 128 side of the property, while The Babson Meadows at Riverdale, looking from the rear of the Babson-Alling House, with its meticulously rendered field stone wall and gate provided the framework on which the CAM Green perimeter field stone wall and new entry gates, all designed and crafted by local Gloucester artisans,  were recently installed to recall that historic time..

Due to the pandemic, the official opening of Cape Ann Museum Green has been postponed until June 2021, but news about opportunities for the public to see the campus in socially distant appropriate ways starting in mid-September is forthcoming.

The creation of the Cape Ann Museum Green campus is a critical component of the Museum’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and the commitment to enhance facilities by providing space for current holdings and anticipating future strategic collection growth in a sophisticated climate-controlled and highly secure building.


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We are excited to announce three new additions to the extended Serenitee family!


In listening to our community and observing the shift in how people are dining, we have been working on three casual, cuisine-focused concepts in Gloucester.

These new spots offer some in-restaurant dining, but are specifically designed to be takeout-friendly.Think of them as the little cousins to compliment our family of restaurants. They will not be on your Rewards Card, but as Rewards Member you will have access to other special perks, discounts and offers at each new location.

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Breakwater Roastersis now open at 3 Duncan Street in Gloucester focusing on coffee, cold brew, tea, Pigeon Cove kombucha, and fresh baked goods – with all coffee beans roasted right on site!

Sharing a cooperative space with Breakwater Roasters and community nonprofit Backyard Growers,Tajwill be opening on Thursday, September 3rd.

And coming early fall…

Little Red Rooster – specializing in fried chicken sandwiches!

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Creative Indian cuisine…

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Paint Factory Under Renovation

My brother and his wife stopped for a visit yesterday and we decided to take a ride down to the Paint Factory to show it off to them. Luckily for us, we ran into Alysia and Alicia Penarosa from Ocean Alliance who took time from their day to give us a tour. Major renovations are underway inside the main building including installation of bathrooms in preparation for making the space usable for events and such.  We were delighted to be able to take a peek inside and also to walk down to the new dock for an up close view from the water side of the building.  You can see evidence of refreshing done to the outside of a building I have always found beautiful already.  It’s one of our favorite stops and we were extra glad we stopped yesterday!

If you’d like to know more about Ocean Alliance and their work or the building, click here.

Hubbard Advisors

Cape Ann Home

Are you worried about running out of money?

A person’s biggest financial asset is his or her ability to earn. I work with people who are worried they’ll need to work for the rest of their lives or worse, run out of money. Einstein is reputed to have said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world: those that understand compound interest earn it, and those that don’t pay it. Some of the greatest financial tools ever devised are the least understood. I will educate you in ways you never dreamed possible about balancing financial risk and security.

It is being said that tax increases are coming. The national debt is setting the stage for massive income tax increases, probably over the next ten years. Call me today at (978)290-2462 and learn about how they’ll impact an entire generation of baby boomers and the proactive measures they and…

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