Savour-Summer Virtual Grand Wine Tasting Advisory


What + When + Where + Why:

Welcoming wine-lovers  to our first Savour-Summer Virtual Grand Wine Tasting, spanning two weeks….August 14th to August 31st, at a time, in a place of your choosing.

We believe we have produced the safest, enjoyable shopping experience, providing insightful, essential information to confidently make informed purchasing decisions…a new way to engage our bi-annual Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter Grand Wine Tasting events… virtually.


Nine Representatives from New England’s leading wine distributors recognized for their well-crafted wine portfolios – curated & compiled from old & new world acclaimed vintners – have each selected five wines themed especially for summer into fall drinking.

View + Read:

Each Rep has produced a crisp video presenting their value-laden selections accompanied by wine description sheets, & wine “tech” sheets available to preview and download.
Providing guests guidance to smoothly and efficiently navigate the tasting.


Begin at Beyond the experience of the virtual tasting, equally important guests engage the tasting from the relaxing comfort and safe confines of home with two weeks to view and make selections…in consideration of the times.


A 5% discount with a purchase of 6 to 11 wines & 10% discount with a purchase of 12 or more wines.



Savour owner Kathleen Morgan in Loire Fr. at a vineyard growing Chenin Blanc grapes.

GloucesterCast 436 With James Turner, Chris and Connor McCarthy, Mike Codair, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 8/23/20

GloucesterCast 436 With James Turner, Chris McCarthy, Connor McCarthy, Mike Codair, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 8/23/20

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Topics Include:
Turner Seafood Fish and Chips
Celtics Can Close Out The Sixers today at 1PM
Skiff Life First Annual Circumnavigation Poker Run Recap
There seems to be a seasonal change in the air… do you feel about end of summer/approach of fall? Bring on the pumpkin spice or stay on the beach until the bitter end?
Pat and Jim had the privilege of introducing their grand nieces to their first whale experience thanks to Capt Nick and the Lady D!
Oliver’s Harbor. Lobster carbonara. That is all.
Joey has come to realize he can’t eat granola.

The Grand Tasting page that follows navigates you through this first-time virtual tasting equipping you with the essentials, to learn, evaluate the 45 select wines being offered. And, equally important you are engaging the virtual tasting from the relaxing comfort and safe confines of your home with two weeks to view and order…in consideration of the times. We’ll send a few reminders as the virtual draws to a close.

Enter the Savour-Summer Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Joey has come to realize he can’t eat granola

DC Loves me (Chloe) Jackson Galaxy

A Whale of a Day on the Water

We were able to snag a last minute cancellation for a private whale watch aboard the Lady D with Capt. Nick yesterday in order to introduce two youngsters to whales in nature for the first time.  Our nephew and his family joined our son and I on a perfectly calm morning for this adventure.  We had at least a half dozen sightings of whales to the total delight of the young ones. They got really good at whale spotting very quickly. We also got to see a Mola Mola / Ocean Sunfish up close. He seemed relaxed as he circled the boat for us. Capt. Nick even brought up some mackerel so we could show the children what those whales are eating. I think we have two future whale ambassadors now, thanks to Capt.Nick!

Real Testimonial…Joint Pain-from new CBD user

Cape Ann Wellness

This is just one of the amazing testimonials we have heard over the last year since we opened our store:

My lower arm and hand have been inflamed and swollen for 6 weeks. Most of the joints in my hand and wrist were soar and I could barely perform my job. I’d been seeing a physical therapist and a massage therapist regularly with no real results. My massage therapist suggested I go to Angel Wings Wellness and ask about topicals, after all they offer free samples, what do I have to lose. I tried a couple different topicals and was given a sample to take home a re apply later. What a surprise I had the next morning! No more pain no more swelling! I immediately went back to the shop and purchased a jar of this amazing topical! I told the shop owner, I don’t know what is in…

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