Regina Piantedosi is the featured artist at Local Colors for the month of September

Hi Joey-  I am the featured artist at Local Colors for the month of September- After 5 years on mad fish wharf,  I’m in Portsmouth for my second season. I was wondering if u could help spread the word…

Im so excited to show in Gloucester!!!! 
” I am a second generation creative. It was for me, a hidden talent. I tried to write for years, but to no avail.It wasn’t until my mother, a wonderful and talented painter, was in a nursing home, 2013, did i begin my journey into expressive, non representational art.Once I started painting, i knew it was the most important thing I had ever done emotionally & professionally and must follow this with total immersion.After my mother passed in 2014 I opened a studio/gallery in Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester.​Being in the colony, surrounded by the sea and other artists, I started to develop two methods of painting.Influenced by ocean and cove right outside my door, I began painting singular, lonely, floating boats. It was a merging of my abstract roots and the plein air painters Rocky Neck Colony is known for.​I also continued expanding into the abstract by adding encaustic, metal, glass and all types of mixed media.​I am in my 7th year, but it seems a lifetime. I continue to create, to expand​I do believe this is just a beginning” -Regina Piantedosi

The singular boat concept formed organically watching the empty boats from my studio by the sea.There they waited through the foggy mornings, the relentless sun and the stunning sunsets. The stillness of Smiths cove; the reflection of the boat, the buoy, the mast. It whispered of serenity, solitude, isolation and turmoil. I took those emotions back into my studio and translated the feelings onto canvas.
I’d appreciate any exposure…. thank you so much

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