Adventureman and His Peeps are as Fun as they are Awesome

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Adventureman and his team at Sweeney Park in Manchester-by-the-Sea at 6:00 tonight (Monday) to absolutely zero pomp and circumstance. It felt a little weird to meet them with no real grandeur, but…as we all know…that is because we are saving the giant welcome for WEDNESDAY at 4:00 pm.  Tonight was about a quiet finish….as they prepare for a day of rest and most likely LOTS of reflection. It will be nice for the group to take some time together before sharing their tremendous finish with the city of Gloucester, the far reaching social media universe, fans around the world….and, of course, their beloved Gloucester, England.

They landed at Sweeney Park clearly spent, but in super good spirits….hugged, danced and sang a bit (there may have been a harmonica…it’s kind of a blur)….and then went about the business of tending to Caesar and their gear.  Speaking of Caesar….he (it?) was safely tucked away at a neighbor’s house (THANK YOU if you are reading…you know who you are) and then we tended to the task at hand…Dinner….and maybe some drinks. Thanks to Callas for a great night!

Dinner out with this crew was exactly how you might expect it to be.  Hysterical….crazy fun….and like Thanksgiving dinner with dear old friends.  Joey, Pat D. and I were so happy to sit down and break bread with Adventureman, his phenomenal dad, the unbelievable support team, and a new friend who ran the last 30 miles with them.  You couldn’t ask for a kinder, funnier, and more gracious group of people….and we can’t wait for you to meet them all on Wednesday.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some good people who will be named later, the team is getting some great rest and are further planning their monumental finish.  PLEASE be sure to be there to celebrate them and this epic adventure.  And, if you’re able, consider making a donation to help the sick children that Jamie (Adventureman) cares so deeply about.  DONATE HERE 

Some of my favorite video of the evening is Joey schooling the group about the Greasy Pole….after they had schooled us on the sport of cheese rolling and a quick rendition of “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore” after Joey suggested that they might be interested in taking a dory out for a row tomorrow (after running 210 marathons). Gloucester, England and Gloucester, Ma have a lot to learn from each other….such as some vocabulary differences (but that’s a post for a different day).

Welcome to Cape Ann, Adventureman!  We are SO HAPPY that you are here!




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