One Hour at a Time Gang Clean up

Hi kids:

Hope all is well and welcome back to spring. As I was walking Main and Rogers realized after the snow some serious work needs to be done.

When:                  Saturday, March 31, 2018

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00

Where:                 Meet at St. Peter’s Square

See you all, look forward to seeing all your faces.

Thanks and take care



6 thoughts on “One Hour at a Time Gang Clean up

  1. As always great job I do this in the park this way by residence then I go for walks with the wife all around and can just say they just need some serious TLC this way Big time! Butt Butler article which I saw on GMG was forwarded to those in power and it would make a major dent here believe me! Dave


  2. Be too much and it’s a community that has to be involved honestly here!!…The discipline needs to be learned at a young age and mentorship this way by many is not there poor example setting.” The old others through it why not! I can say there are a lot of groups just like yours that clean and care as fast as it’s picked up it returns and I am not talking about blowing in the wind. As I always have said respect is a two way street…

    Thanks Donna health issues are my main focus right now… Come to GMG to relax and escape some! 🙂 Dave


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