Stacy or Stacey Boulevard ?

I have used Stacey instead of Stacy on many of my own posts, but STACY is the correct spelling, it is set in Stone.


Research finds that I am not the only one, that has made the same mistake. (Gloucester Daily Times and even the City of Gloucester web site)

see links below:


Letter: George Stacey’s boulevard

on Jan 31, 2016




3 thoughts on “Stacy or Stacey Boulevard ?

  1. A brig known to be slaving is attributed to the EH Stacy Company out of Gloucester in 1848-49 in several British and American government publications. If anyone has information please let us hear from you.


  2. It’s great we are all human I suspect I may have also! I know for sure at times I have spelled Duly street Duley! We love the smiles! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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