New Film: Joe Virgilio Makes Saint Joseph Rolls –By Kim Smith


Joe Virgilio Makes Saint Joseph Rolls is a wonderful addition to Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project. So many thanks to Joe for taking time from his busy work day to allow filming! Highlights include Joe sharing stories about the early days working alongside his grandfather and cousins, when the thousands of rolls needed for Saint Joseph’s Day were made by hand. 

For store hours and menu visit Virgilio’s Facebook page here.

Read more about Virgilio’s Saint Joseph rolls here.

11 thoughts on “New Film: Joe Virgilio Makes Saint Joseph Rolls –By Kim Smith

  1. Loved the film, Kim and Joe! It’s making me hungry- want to rush right down to Virgilio’s and buy a loaf of semolina!. Too bad it’s 10:30 at night.. …I’m going to have to do a painting of that beautiful storefront one of these days!


    1. Thank you Leslie! Yes, please do, that would be wonderful! I hope to see your finished painting.

      It smelled divine at the bakery while filming, as you can imagine, and I went home with a fabulously delicious bag of bread. Super great people, Joe and Nanci!


  2. Kim you hit the essence here!

    Wow! This is a great video and music loved the intro and ending :-)! This is very hard work and early to rise – I worked at a Small start up bakery when I was 18-19 and your get up at O-dark 30. We used to go to be around 9pm get up at 3:00am (Coffee come out of the zombie state) and start at bakery around 4.30 am or early depending upon workload. Very hard in summer time as hard to go to sleep when light out and heat as he said whew!!!

    Got off around 1pm-2pm…My job was cleaning all the pots and pan’s pre-dish washer days :-O and helped out around oven’s hauling flower bags etc. Store was open Monday – Friday (8am to 5pm) The bakery delivery driver was my old brother…I drove the route twice he wanted a couple of days off – his girlfriend soon to be wife worked the front sales area and display was my brother drove a panel truck.

    The baker touch here notice just by feel on rolls can tell send them back.. Great work and cannot beat the taste of that homemade feeling the bread in the window1 Excellent 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


    1. Hours we tough but the smiles of those enjoying the fruits of labor made it all worth it – plus don’t tell the boss the fringe benefits you know hey try this sample how does it taste (I was first in line for that) 🙂 Dave


  3. Watching that video almost brings back the smell & taste of your bread & rolls. Definitely makes me homesick. Way way back my grandfather had a bakery in the West End I am told but before I was born. Might have been early 1930s.


  4. So many good memories of working with my husband Joe, his brother Paul and his wife Marilyn, my mother-in-law and father-in-law, and all the kids at the bakery. Everyone worked, and the kids learned the value of hard work. In the old days the priest used to come and bless the flour. Now the bread is blessed at the houses.

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  5. I can almost smell the bread right thru the screen ! Virgilios is the best! Gotta take some to Florida next month to surprise my brother and sister in law! Thanks joe for keeping the traditions going in our beloved city of Gloucester !


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