Shutdown in Salem

Since it was kind of grey and wet, we decided to take a ride to Salem which has been on our list of inclement weather activities.  Strike One: the Peabody Essex Museum was closed—-and I think we’ve made that mistake once already…….

Off we go to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.  What’s that you say?  Government shutdown???  Parks open but no staff or amenities???  Strike Two although just wandering around reading the signs was pretty interesting by itself.

Oh well, let’s look at the map and decide what next.  The New England Pirate Museum sounds interesting and it’s right here.  Oh…….Strike Three “Closed for the season”… would think with the federal government shutdown, those pirates would need someplace to go.


It was a very quiet Monday in Salem and I found myself really wishing I had a drone…..


I’m thinking the FAA would probably come right to life if I’d tested this NO DRONE ZONE out.

2 thoughts on “Shutdown in Salem

  1. Have the strikes down to a tee!! Oh the police patch with the broom and Witch I have at the residence here think “brooms” are ok however :-). The old bust had this on the side back in the 60’s also Michaud bus line? 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Hubby should know this man next podcast no shutdown here flying high another legend!!?? 🙂 Dave

    Gonna Fly Now – Maynard Ferguson Tribute


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