Happy New Year Thoughts…

First A Short From Some Of The Homies From The HomieCast Crew-


Yesterday while scrolling through social media I saw a ton of people using hashtags like #fuck2017 #2017sucked.  I suspect that most of those hashtags were directly related to politics.

This is what I’d like to say- if you have your health, if you are surrounded by people that love you, friends and family, then that is what matters.  We rang out 2017 surrounded by people that love us, that wish good things for us.  For 2018 do yourself a favor and don’t let your year in retrospect be decided in your mind by who is holding office whether it be local, state or federal.  Let it be decided by the wealth in human friendships and love in your life.  In the end that’s what matters.  Be rich in friendships, be rich in love- it brings you a hundred billion times more pleasure than anything else.

We’re so lucky to have such great friends and family.  #focusonthepositive



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year Thoughts…

  1. Spot on. How we react to the people we are with every day will effect us much more than who occupies the White House.


  2. Absolutely true. And we have SO much to be grateful for. Every morning I tell myself how lucky I am to have a hot shower, a warm house to live in, clean water and food available whenever I want it. I am so lucky. I have all refugees and victims of extreme weather and oppressive societies in my heart every day.


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