Friday the 13th full moon through the masts of the Schooner Liberty Clipper

A flock of birds flew by…

and then a butterfly flew by (not really, but doesn’t this bird look like it could be a butterfly?).


harvest-moon-2016-copyright-kim-smithLast night’s Harvest Moon rising was spectacular, especially the striations of clouds in the moonglow. Early this morning the moon was nearly as big and beautiful too, and as I was setting up my gear, Snowy Egrets flew into the setting moon.


Sleeping Swans in the Harvest Moonlight

Sleeping Swans in the Harvest Moon Light ©Kim Smith 2014Niles Pond Swans

Sleeping Swans in the Harvest Moon Light -3 ©Kim Smith 2014

*    *    *

The Ukeladies are learning Harvest Moon–I’d forgotten about this beautiful song and the fairly recent video, released by Neil Young in 2012, is so very sweet.

Moonbeams Over Niles Pond

Yesterday afternoon I was photographing a friend’s garden, looking west towards the very last shimmer of sunlight as it melted into the horizon. I packed up my gear and while heading home, passed the rising Harvest Moon brightly illuminating Niles Pond. Knowing my family was home hungrily waiting for dinner, I hopped out of the car and snapped away for only a brief moment, wishing I could stay but happy to to get a few photos. At this time of year, every which way you turn brings the reward of unfolding beauty.

Niles Pond Moon Beams ©Kim Smith 2013Full Harvest Moon Over Niles Pond