Northern Gannet rescue on Good Harbor Beach update?

Hi Joey,

Yesterday (Wednesday 7/12), there was a beautiful Northern Gannet sitting right at the water line, kind of halfway between boardwalk #1 and the Witham St end of Good Harbor, where I was sitting.  It was clearly in distress, it lifted its head a few times, and tried to stand up, but it was in obvious need of help.  The lifeguards kept people away from it, so as not to stress it out, and called for help.  Gloucester Police Animal Control came and made a rescue of the bird at about 3:30, carrying it off to their van, telling it they were taking it off to the vet.  (I was so impressed by how humanely they were treating the poor thing, talking to it in calm, reassuring voices, etc.)

I am wondering if anyone has any kind of update about how the bird is doing.

I am wondering if it is suffering from the same mysterious disease that has taken the life of 100+ Northern Gannets on the Cape.

Have they taken it off to the New England Wildlife Center?

Is this the first of the Northern Gannets suffering from this mysterious illness to turn up in Gloucester?

Any idea?


Ann Rittenburg


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