GloucesterCast 228 with Alice Gardner, Damaris Curran Herlihy, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/11/17

GloucesterCast 228 with Alice Gardner, Damaris Curran Herlihy, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/11/17

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Topics Include:

Please like Daughter Madeline’s #Pier23Kitchen Burger Challenge entry here
Alice Gardner  St. Peter’s Fiesta Book – Go To The Bookstore of Gloucester to Purchase
Damaris Curran Herlihy- Editor and Publisher
CPAP machine hell
The St Peter’s Club has been painted.  It’s not exactly subtle but I love it.
Tick Prevention Remedy
American Yellowwood
Minor League Baseball Mascot Logo Contest- Vote Rumble Ponies!
Monday Night First Night Of St Peter’s Novena
Tuesday The Greasy Pole Shrine Goes Up
Shoutout To Maggie Rosa, Cat Ryan, George and Charles King For Harborwalk Cleanup

Potato volcanos and atomic Buffalo turds on the @webergrills Simpson kettle


Come One, Come All! Everyone is welcome to the Novena to Saint Peter.

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of Fiesta, all the saints that are honored in the Fiesta Sunday procession have joined Saint Peter on the altar at the American Legion Hall.

The Novena Ladies are Jeanne Marie Linquata (center), Caryn Ryder, Grace Cusumano, Ann Sanfilippo, and Faye Quinlan. The altar and the Legion Hall look especially, especially beautiful this year, thanks to the dedication of the Novena Ladies.

The Novena begins Monday, June 12th, at 7pm, and ends Tuesday June 20th, when Saint Peter will be returned to the club. The Novena Ladies would like everyone to know that all are welcome!


2017 Saint Peter‘s Fiesta Schedule


Novena to Saint Peter

Monday, June 12 – Tuesday, June 20
7:00 p.m.
American Legion Hall

Wednesday, June 21

7:00–10:00 p.m.  Musical Entertainment….St. Peter’s Park:    
Barry Mooney and The Sounds of Legends ”                                                            


Thursday, June 22

6:30 p.m……      Fiesta 5K Road Race – with Cape Ann YMCA –
Starting location Stage Fort Park,
Finish line at St. Peter’s Park.
For further details, contact the Cape Ann YMCA.

8:00–11:00…      Entertainment, Dance and Music featuring…..
“WILD FIRE” …. St. Peter’s Park


Friday, June 23

4:45 p.m…….    Greasy Pole Contest…and…Women’s  Seine Boat Races
Pavilion Beach

6:30 p.m…….    Entertainment….Before Opening Ceremonies

7:00 p.m. ……    Formal Opening ….St. Peter’s Square

Entertainment immediately following to 11:30 p.m….                                                          featuring   Paul London” and “Jimmy Geany


Saturday, June 24

10:00 a.m…….     Pavilion Beach…Seine Boat Race: 
U.S. Coast Guard vs
Gloucester Fire Department and
Gloucester Police Department 

3:00 p.m……    Children’s Games…. Beach Court

4:45 p.m……    Sports Events… Pavilion Beach
Seine Boat Races..&..Greasy Pole Contest

8:00–11:30 pm. Musical EntertainmentSt. Peter’s Square….


Sunday, JUNE 25

10:00 a.m……     Celebration of MASS OF ST. PETER….. at St. Peter’s Park

12:00 noon…..  Procession following the Celebration of Outdoor Mass

3:00 p.m……    Blessing of the Fleet… Stacy Boulevard.

3:00 p.m… …   Concert….Cape Ann Big Band…St. Peter’s Park

4:45 p.m……    Sports Events…at Pavilion Beach –
Seine Boat Races..&..
.Greasy Pole Contest

6:30 p.m……    Children’s  Pinata Contest –  Pascucci Court

7:15 p.m…….    Awards Ceremony – Trophies awarded to winners of the Sports Events

8:30 pm     Musical entertainment.. St. Peter’s Park… featuring  Franco Corso

11:00 p.m……  Raffle Drawings and Closing Procession

Save the Date:  Next Year….
St. Peter’s Fiesta, June 27 – July1, 2018


Good Harbor Beach parking 8:45am

For updates follow the City’s ‘Gloucester Beaches’ and Mayor Romeo Theken Facebook pages



Info on water temperature, wave height, etc


Off the island…Marshall Point Lighthouse

Spent some time this week up in Rockland, Maine and headed up to Port Clyde and Marshall Point Lighthouse to check it off my list.   When we got there it was cloudy and overcast and it didn’t look very promising for any kind of sunset, but we stuck around anyway because you really just never know what the skies will bring.  We never saw the sun but we saw the most amazing blue, purple, pink and orange skies about 10 minutes after the sun set.  What a gift!

Rusty+Ingrid Creative Company Moves to Rockport!

The grand opening for Rusty+Ingrid Creative Company’s new digs in Rockport continues through Sunday. Don’t miss the chance to stop by and see their work in their new studio and gallery. Their prints are vibrant, original, and completely handmade (including the frames). Also, they’re offering popcorn in different flavors. Who knew chocolate-drizzled popcorn was delicious? Not me.

The good news is that if you miss the grand opening, you can just stop by during regular gallery hours, or check them out in Boston at SoWa on Sundays, or find them online (especially their very cool Instagram).

Rusty + Ingrid Creative Company Grand Opening

Having Rusty and Ingrid relocate to Rockport is a great asset to the burgeoning makers and artists’ scene in town, and Rockport is truly lucky to have them right on Main Street. The space is live/work, so the entire family is making Rockport their home — another way they’re investing in the community. More and more downtown Rockport merchants are also Cape Ann residents, which has obvious implications for the level of investment our local merchants make the community. This shift is making a huge difference in town, and good things are happening all over. That is, if summer ever shows up and the MBTA doesn’t shut down the train.

Ingrid, looking as cool as that infused water.


oh Motif never looked better
Maine gets in on the action


All the store fixtures were designed and built by Rusty and Ingrid


front of the shop with the studio in the back


The print studio


Fun with chalk


turns out that chocolate drizzle on popcorn is pretty awesome.



the view from Main Street


Rusty and Ingrid

Gloucester voted in top 10 US best cities/towns for arts and crafts!

Gloucester voted in top 10 US best cities/towns for arts and crafts!
Gloucester, the oldest fishing port in the US (and still richly operational), and Rocky Neck, the oldest and most established artists’ colony in America, can now add the prestigious title of best place for arts and crafts recognized by the organizers of American Craft Week, the nation’s largest annual craft celebration.
American Craft Week is a national, grassroots program designed to promote and celebrate fine handmade American craft.  Produced by a committee of CRAFT (Craft Retailers and Artists of Tomorrow), it began in 2010, and last year included over 1,000 events in all 50 states!
Gloucester’s notable recognition is sponsored by American Craft Week and voted on by arts’ and crafts’ aficionados across the Country.   
Only one of two cities in the East awarded this acknowledgement (along with Brattleboro, Vermont), Gloucester is a straight drive on 128 North or a train ride (less than one hour) from Boston. In addition to a breathtaking unobstructed ocean drive, Gloucester is home to some of the best beaches; boasting a plethora of hotels, B&Bs and countless restaurants and pubs per block, including fresh lobsters; an unrivaled music scene, and the renowned Gorton Theater bringing international talent for many first-run shows. Movies (e.g., Perfect Storm, Manchester by the Sea, Olive Kittredge) are always in production, somewhere in the city.  “When we started American Craft Week, we wanted to involve galleries and festivals so we could draw the public’s attention to craft. But in the course of six years, our vision has become so much wider, mainly because craft in this country is so pervasive and exciting,” founder, Diane Sulg exclaims.
American Craft Week encompasses events in all fifty states. Several states, including Vermont, Maine and Virginia, have official celebrations backed by tourism and economic development dollars.  In addition to the tangibles,  Sulg noted “craft creates jobs for thousands of Americans.  The impact of this creative economy is profound for individuals, communities and the entire nation.”
Donna Soodalter-Toman, the owner of DIVA (Donna’s Infinite Variety of Adornments), Main Street in Gloucester says of her love for working and living in Gloucester, “I have been drawn to Gloucester as a crafter, collector, beach and music junky for over 40 years.  Now a resident, I make the ocean a big part of my daily routine as I watch painters search for inspiration by the seashore and I find sea glass to incorporate into my pieces.  I adore the diversity of the people; their warmth, spirit and authenticity – No turning back, ever.   I’m thrilled that our city received this prestigious award and look forward to welcoming visitors to Gloucester all year round!”
For information on Gloucester happenings, including; open studios, artists, crafters, galleries, fairs, fiestas and where to stay and play, contact Discover Gloucester at