St. Peter’s Fiesta App From Andrew Nicastro

As a local resident born and raised in Gloucester, the St. Peter’s Fiesta has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  Nothing compares to the unique tradition our community has maintained for decades. I built the St. Peter’s Fiesta app to do just that, help maintain a tradition by bringing it to the 21st century and into the hands of people around the world. With app users from across the US and around the globe the St. Peter’s Fiesta has attracted a wide audience and continues to grow! This year you’ll find an updated schedule of events, history of Fiesta, local restaurants and a “Shout Out” section during the live stream.  Whether you’re out of town or are a local resident be sure to check out our “Fiesta Live” tab for a front seat view of the LIVE Greasy Pole and Seine Boat action! Download the FREE app in the iOS or Google Play app stores today and spread the word! It’s time to share our unique St. Peter’s Fiesta celebration with the world!

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Bouna Fiesta!

Andrew Nicastro

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“The Effect” Tackles the Timeless Topic of Love

By Tom Hauck

Can love be induced chemically? This ancient question has been asked in Greek mythology and medieval legend, and perhaps most memorably in the 12th century story of Tristan and Isolde, in which a love potion created a powerful amorous attraction between the two even though she, Isolde, was betrothed to the king. Shakespeare explored it too: One of the bard’s most famous love potions was employed by the fairy Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who dribbled the goop in the eyes of the sleeping Lysander, and later Demetrius, causing romantic chaos in the forest. And anyone who was around in the 1960s knows “Love Potion Number 9,” the infectious hit record by the Clovers.

Playwright Lucy Prebble revives this time-honored theme, as well as several others, in the New England Premiere production of The Effect. Set in a drug trial clinic, the play opens with Connie (Susannah Hoffman) and the aptly named Tristan (Mickey Solis) being hired by Dr. Lorna James (GSC favorite Lindsay Crouse) for a four-week trial of what is supposed to be a new anti-depressant medication. Lurking in the background is Dr. Toby Sealey (Brad Hall), who represents Big Pharma, and who, convenient to the many-layered plot, has had a prior romantic relationship with Lorna.

Sure enough, the new drug’s only discernable effect is to rev up the libidos of Connie and Tristan, who quickly get the hots for each other. When Lorna discovers that the drug trial is not what she thought it was, her old lover, the smarmy Toby, being a good soldier for Big Pharma, demands that the trial continue to its possibly dangerous conclusion.

As one can always expect from the Gloucester Stage Company, the actors, without exception, are of the highest caliber. The set by J. Michael Griggs and lighting design by Russ Swift effectively evoke a mood of sterile creepiness. The direction by Sam Weisman is crisp and clean, and he leads these four exceptional players briskly through the many changing moods and themes of the script. Presented in two acts with an intermission, now through July 8. For tickets visit or call 978-281-4433.


Hosted by the Sawyer Free Library and The Bookstore of Gloucester, a wonderful time was had at Alice Gardner’s book launch party for her children’s book St. Peter’s Fiesta!

Sara Favazza and Alice Gardner

Rosie Verga, Sara, and Marie Linquata

Annisquam Arts Summer Studio for Kids

Ignite your imagination this summer at Annisquam Arts!

Developed by artist and educator Dawn Southworth, Annisquam Arts tips off its 23rd season by offering a variety of workshops for young artists. Conducted at Dawn’s open and professional home studio on Goose Cove, we have easy access to Gloucester’s cultural center and Cape Ann’s most scenic spots. The entire program runs for seven weeks, June 26 – August 10, with new courses each week.



Dawn Southworth is a well-known Boston artist recognized for her mixed media works and installations. Dawn teaches art at Glen Urquhart School, in Beverly, MA, and is a former visiting faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. Dawn previously owned Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA. Her work is represented in many public and private collections, including the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the Addison Gallery of American Art, the US Embassy in Morocco, the Boston Public Library, and Fidelity Management and Research. More information about Dawn and her work can be found at

Haley Stevens is also a member of the Glen Urquhart School faculty, as the After-Care Associate. Haley has a BFA in art and design from Salem State University, where she focused on education and was awarded a Presidential Creativity Award for printmaking. In 2009 Haley received a Gold Medal from the national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. She is also MA certified to teach art and greatly enjoys working with children. It is her goal to inspire young artists to do their best and find their inner voice.

Courtney Kelly is a local North Shore artist and former first grade teacher at Glen Urquhart School. With a one-year-old daughter, she now practices art from her home. Courtney’s passion for art started at a young age, leading her to study Fine Arts at Drew University. She went on to receive her Master’s Degree in elementary education from Lesley University. She loves inspiring children through art and learning and looks forward to embarking on her second summer with Annisquam Arts.


You may register online at, by phone (978) 290-2107, or by brochure, which can be requested by calling or emailing Dawn at

While there is no official registration deadline, we encourage you to sign up early as our workshops do fill up quickly!


Young Artists’ Summer Studio Workshops

Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-1:00pm, Ages 6-14, $250 per week

Young Artists’ Summer Studio Workshops run Monday through Thursday, 9:00am – 1:00pm for ages 6-14. We’ll have a blast engaging with a wide range of materials and artistic techniques in a multi-sensory studio environment. Small class sizes and individual instruction allow for all levels of ability to be nurtured. All classes are led by Dawn with assistance from Haley Stevens and a few helpers.


Week 1: June 26-29

This week, we’ll be on the go! Sketchbooks in hand, we’ll follow the footsteps of legendary Cape Ann artists such as Stuart Davis, Nell Blaine, Marsden Hartley, Milton Avery and Edward Hopper. We’ll make daily excursions to some of the area’s most scenic destinations and inspiring galleries and studios. A Gloucester harbor boat shuttle will bring us to explore the Rocky Neck Art Colony…and to get an ice cream of course ☺ Walking shoes, swimsuit and a towel are encouraged this week!


Week 2: July 3-7 (Class runs Monday-Friday with no class Tuesday July 4)

Clip, cut, collect, compose, construct – this week is all about creative collage! Made with a variety of materials, our creations will include 2D whimsical drawings and 3D found-object sculptures, and a whole lot in between. We’ll experiment with a combination of printmaking, photography, and magazine collage, with inspiration from  the mixed mediums of Robert Rauschenberg, cutting edge pieces by Kurt Schwitters, the Twentieth Century’s greatest master of collage, and the crazy upside-down world of Julian Schnabel.


Week 3: July 10-13

This week, the studio door will open to a woodworking shop!  We’ll be inspired by one of nature’s greatest treasures to create abstract wood sculptures like Louise Nevelson, wacky driftwood portraits, and mobiles with wood scraps, sea glass and buttons à la Alexander Calder  We’ll even build our own personalized step-stools. Together, we’ll safely learn about tools like hammers and various joining and gluing techniques to make our constructions sturdy. From the decorative to the functional, wood is a perfect, versatile material to fire-up our imaginations!


Week 4: July 17-20

From the beach to the recycling bin, our art materials this week will come from unlikely places! We’ll cast the sand beneath our feet into whimsical sculptures, and make funky 3D pieces with driftwood and found objects. Colorful shards of pottery, buttons, marbles, shells, and other collected treasures will help us see that art is truly everywhere. Come with your imaginations revved up as we transform discarded remnants into modern masterpieces!


Week 5: July 24-27

Pattern, color, and designs galore! We’ll use a variety of fanciful techniques to flex our creative muscles. From collage to block printing, you’ll have your family and friends mesmerized by your creations! We’ll experiment with a craypas-watercolor resist and try our hands at bold optical illusions. Looking to color experts like Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, and Frank Stella, we’ll turn blank canvases into eye-popping masterpieces.


Week 6: July 31- August 3

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Come on an artistic safari, guided by the works of Henry Rousseau, Deborah Butterfield, and Franz Marc. Along the way, we’ll use a variety of fun and sophisticated techniques. Make animals spring to life in colorful 3D paper-mache masks and beautifully detailed metal embossings. Channel your spirit animal in an Aboriginal dream drawing and get messy with a big chalk-pastel masterpiece. This week, set free your imagination to run wild!


Week 7: August 7-10

Learning to draw is the goal! Ancient cave paintings, modern-day graffiti, traditional Chinese calligraphy, what do these varying techniques have in common? We’ll spend this week celebrating the humble line, the foundation for every great masterpiece! With tools like ink, charcoal, oil stick, and pastels we’ll draw inspiration from the textured drips of Jackson Pollock, the spirited marks of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the punchy dots of Roy Lichtenstein.

Afternoon Specialty Workshops

Monday-Thursday, 2:00pm-5:00pm

Ages 6-14, $225 per week


For two weeks this summer, Dawn is teaming up with Courtney Kelly to offer Afternoon Specialty Workshops. Together, the morning and afternoon workshops provide an exciting full day option for those students who desire a longer day of artmaking fun!

DRAW IT!                                                                            

Week 4: July 17-20


Are you up for an artistic challenge? Whether an avid drawer or a curious beginner, students will learn advanced techniques using graphite pencil, color pencil, and markers. Each day, students will learn the essentials of drawing by experimenting with new and varied subjects. Students are instructed step by step and encouraged to incorporate their own creative vision and personal flair!



Week 5: July 24-27


This week’s class is designed to build on the “Draw It” class, but it can also be taken as a single class. Students will experiment with several unique painting mediums, including watercolor pencil, watercolor paint, oil sticks, and acrylic. From portraits and landscapes to animals and abstract work, we’ll will explore different techniques and tricks to make brilliant masterpieces to hang on our walls!


Dawn Southworth’s studio

63 Bennett Street South  • Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-290-2107 • Email:


It’s in the Genes

Genes kind of crack me up a little bit.  While I’m (painfully) aware of how similar Finn and my husband are I find myself stopping to consider it more on Father’s Day.  Finn and Freddy look a ton alike…as I hear at least once per week while out and about with Finn.  I’m not lying when I say that complete strangers come up to Finn in public places and say, “You must be Freddy Schrafft’s son.”   I think that, in the photos below, Finn also looks like Freddy’s father, Fred.  My older son, Thatcher, looks nothing like Freddy or more….but shares most of my personality traits.  He does, however, look a lot like my husband’s sister’s son.  Strange.

What do you think?


Finn is on the left….Freddy, at about the same age, is on the right.

Support Reid’s Ride; Altering the Course of AYA Cancer

Cape Ann Wellness

Riding for Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance

To participate in and donate to Reid’s Ride

Stage Fort Park will be hopping with activity as the finish line for Reid’s Ride, Sunday July 16th, 

Come to Stage Fort Park, Gloucester MA Sunday, July 16th and meet ‘the force’ behind Reid’s Ride –    

Join Reid’s Family, Lorraine, Gene, Weston, Deb and Frank Sacco and their wonderful group of organizers and participants for 28 Mile fundraising Bicycle Ride from Lynnfield MA high school to Gloucester MA, Stage Fort Park.

So much positivity behind this group, you can’t help but get caught up in their wave of progress against cancer in adolescents and young adults.

Stage Fort Park, overlooking beautiful Gloucester Harbor – 

  • Greet and cheer on the cyclists as they arrive at the end of their 28 mile ride to Stage Fort Park.
  • Stop by the Raffle Table at the finish, Stage Fort Park

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