Karen Pischke Annisquam Photo

Hi Joey. Great fun at Sunday’s Podcast. Went kayaking after I left there. 

I hope the FOB enjoy this photo. The Annisquam River is my solace and my playground. Every day on the Annisquam is amazing; but some days are more amazing that others. I call days like this, ‘Gifts from God.’   – Karen

Karen Pischke

Gloucester MA

Annisquam Sunset May


Sherman Morss shares the following article from World Wildlife Magazine. He has a personal connection with Kevin Pourier, who participates in the Native American exhibits at the PEM. Check out Kevin’s gorgeous art and website here: Buffalo Horn Artforms. Thanks so much to Sherman!


Monarch Heroes: Across the Country People are Taking Action for Monarchs


In the Lakota language, plants and animals are known as Wamakaska—“Sacred Beings of the Earth”—and the Lakota People believe that these species came before us to teach humans how to live. For Oglala Lakota artist Kevin Pourier, no species has been more influential than the monarch butterfly. Pourier first became aware of the power and beauty of these insects during a traditional ceremony. The connection grew deeper when he saw a photo of Sitting Bull from the late 1800s, and noticed a monarch wing tucked into the famed Lakota leader’s hatband. Today, Pourier honors these iconic butterflies through his internationally renowned artwork. Using sustainably harvested bison horns, Pourier creates monarch-themed sculptures that both modernize a traditional Lakota art form and encourage others to cherish the monarch butterfly.


Marshall Field became a conservationist the day he read Rachel Carson’s environmental clarion call,Silent Spring. The fifth-generation businessman and philanthropist joined WWF’s Board of Directors in 1973 and has been a stalwart champion of wildlife ever since. For years, Field focused on supporting efforts to save tigers, but his goals shifted when he heard of the rapidly disappearing monarch butterfly. He visited the insect population’s winter roosting grounds in Mexico, years before the population hit its 2013 nadir. “You had to yell to be heard over the sound of the butterflies beating their wings,” he recalls. The experience captivated him. “I think their migration is among the most mysterious natural phenomena there are,” says Field. “And if I’m interested in something, I’m going to get as many other people as I can interested, too.”


When Sister Kathleen Storms became director of the 200-acre Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat in Wheatland, Iowa, she saw few butterflies or bees on the grounds. Corn and soy crops covered the neighboring lands around the retreat; the region’s pollinator habitat was largely gone. Storms said she wanted to replant native flora, not only “for beauty, but also for the benefits they provide.” In fact, Our Lady of the Prairie has used the Conservation Reserve Program for the past two decades to secure natural spaces that make room “for quiet reflection.” Having grown up on a chemical-free dairy farm in Minnesota, Storms says she’s devoted to sustainable living, “to preserve this wonderful gift of creation, especially as we face climate change.”


Monarch Butterflies Awakening in the Morning Light, Gloucester

Alicia Unleashed- Skribblefish

Alicia Unleashed episode 61 taped 6/9/17 with B-Side, Danny Diamond and hostess Alicia Cox

Hot Plate:

Gloucester Harborwalk Starts July 12 Starting with Jaws.
Cape Ann SUP Free Movie-Endless Summer June 16th.
Alicia has nodes.

Go Kyle Go! Go Team Zebra!

Happy Belly is now open!

Shoutout to Melissa Hayes who will be part of the Bakery portion.

We have Danny Diamond of Skribblefish.com in the house! If you have been to Miglewood, you have seen his work. Now featured on the boards at Happy Belly
Come seen Danny in action at The Harvest Moon Festival September 16.

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Are you Sicilian or are you Italian?

IMG_4658.JPGSt. Peter’s Fiesta is coming and the Sicilian flag is popping up all over Gloucester. This one is in our neighborhood downtown at Pleasant and Prospect streets. We love our Sicilian pals and neighbors in Gloucester (including the creator of this blog). Our daughter’s birthday party this year included a “Martina,” “two Sofia’s” and a “Maria.” Our son’s been known to wonder why all his buddies have jet black hair except him. Which got me to wondering – are Sicilians really Italian? Through most of history, Sicily wasn’t Italian. It became part of Italy only in 1861. Sicilian peeps – are you Sicilian or Italian?

Off the grid…

Nothing like weak wifi and intermittent cell service to force you to back off “the grid” for a bit.   It’s been so nice to unplug a little and just hang out with my camera for a few days.   Beautiful scenes to photograph are all the therapy I need 😀

Tune in to Gloucester’s own Katy Geraghty performing at the Tony Awards on Sunday night!!

Grab your popcorn and tune in to watch the Tony Awards on Sunday night on CBS at 8pm where our own Gloucester girl Katy Geraghty will be performing as “Debbie” with the Tony award nominated Musical…Groundhog Day!!  So excited for Katy who’s doing great things and making Gloucester proud.   Break a leg Katy!!!

Katy Geraghty – Photo Credit Walter McBride
Groundhog Day the Musical Cast – Photo credit Joan Marcus
Katy Geraghty signing Autographs for Groundhog Day the Musical – Photo credit Kevin Patrick Martin

Click here to check out GMG Contributor Catherine’s recent post about Katy’s story and involvement in the Broadway Musical.


Gloucester Traffic, Beach Info & Events: Weekend of June 9 – June 11, 2017

Cape Ann Community

The City of Gloucester through Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Gloucester Police Department want to remind the public about expected TRAFFIC this weekend (June 9 to June 11) due to good weather driving beach visitors and other events/festivals that may cause some back-up. Please plan accordingly, with special highlights provided below:

City Seal - Color - Trasparent Background 150x150.png

Gloucester Traffic, Beach Info & Events: Weekend of June 9 June 11, 2017



image-89Expect heavy traffic all weekend between 9AM11AM at:

  • Eastern Ave
  • Thatcher Road
  • Concord Street
  • Atlantic Street

Police Details will be at all beaches


Events – Saturday, June 10, 2017


New England Beach Soccer Tournament 2017

Sat, June 10, 8:30AM – 4PM at Good Harbor Beach

More info:https://www.facebook.com/events/1767071370184433/

RR2017 POSTER.jpg

Cape Ann Animal Aid Dog Reunion

Sat, June 10, 11AM –…

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Maritime Gloucester “Welcomes You Back” on Sunday, June 11 12:30-5:00

Cape Ann Community

Bring your family by on June 11 from 12:30 to 5:00 to see what’s new, make your way down Harriet Webster Pier down to our newly installed pier, and meet our new aquarium critters! We are ready to show our stuff including sharks, ground fish and cool crabs!family in Sea Pocket AquariumEnjoy half-priced admission and special programs-Shark and Aquarium Feeding at 2:00 pm and Fish Printing at 3:00pm. Also, Ardelle is sailing at 1:00 pm. Book your trip HERE.

We’ll open at 12:30 on Sunday June 11th (normally 10:00).


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