If you want to know what Monday night’s Schooner Challenge is all about watch this video interview with Captain Harold Burnham and Captain Anne-Seymour St. John from Barry O’Brien 🙂


Don’t miss the 5th Annual Schooner Challenge!

Proceeds to benefit the Evelina M. Goulart, the Essex-built, Gloucester fishing schooner.

Tickets may be ordered online at or call 978-375-3337.


I have been hoping to take a photo of a female Eastern Towhee, and here she is, with a mouthful of breakfast for the nestlings! She hopped from tree limb to tree limb with her treasure, ta-weeting all the while; no small accomplishment while tightly clamping down on that big bug.

Look at the beautiful white-tipped underside of her tail feathers

Pretty sunrise over Jones River Marsh

Snapshot of a male Eastern Towhee taken several weeks ago in the same location. I wonder if they are a pair? It’s unlikely we’ll get to see the nest. Female towhees build their nests on the ground and they are well-camouflaged, being made of bark, twigs, and dried leaves. There is a dense tangle of undergrowth where I am filming and it’s probably fraught with ticks, so on the path I stay.

A few more from this morning sunrise over the river

Time to Just Keep Swimming

Rubber Duck and the A01 Buoy both say it’s time to go for a swim!

53.8 F is perfectly swimmable. Do it now and every day. Stiffen up that Rubber!

The 80.1 F is just the seaweed warming up at low tide but that 53.8 F is a sensor three feet down and it’s real. Just Google “A01 Buoy” which is a couple miles off Gloucester Harbor and you get the exact same temp.

What’s it all mean? It means it’s time to go for a swim! It’s time to toss a few poppers because Mrs Striped Bass has arrived. She waits until it is 50 F. What are you waiting for?

THIS WEEKEND! Cape Ann Artisans studio tour

spring 2017

If you’ve gone, go again. There’s always new work to see. If you’ve never been this is a must see event. The 2017 spring Cape Ann Artisans studio tour route features 20 sites, 14 in Gloucester and 6 in Rockport.  Participating artists include Beth Williams jewelry;  Sinikka Nogelo painting and assemblages;  Rob Diebboll painting; Mary Ann de Buy Wenniger’s paintings and prints; Mi Robertson painting and sculpture;  Margaret Rack sculpture;  Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco sea glass jewelry and accessories; Sara Wright handwoven works;  Camilla MacFayden textiles; Bond Street Studio; Marcia Rae; Ruth Worrall; Bart Stuyf; Twin Lights Studio; Pam Stratton; Elizabeth Harty; Cynthia Curtis;  David Archibald; Anni Melancon; and Deborah Gonet.

“For more information, visit or download a brochure and map. You can also come visit us during the Columbus Day tour, October 7-9 and look for us during the holidays. There will be updated information on our web site.”

Gloucester Speaks – Wayne Soini Interviewed by Shep Abbott


Shep Abbott, (film/video producing, directing, and writer), video tapes an interview with Wayne Soini author of “Gloucester’s Sea Serpent”, for the documentary “Gloucester Speaks”.



_2017_06_01_095676  IMG_5261

Wayne Soini                             Shep Abbott

Aces in the hole @HappyBelly Melissa Hays and Danny Diamond

Happy Belly is chock full of talent. Bakery? Check. Happy Belly will have hand crafted foodie heaven pastries, cookies, and all manner of can’t wait to see what’s made daily baked goods. How do I know since it’s not open? Trust me they have it covered.

Master pastry chef extraordinaire, Melissa Hays, is in the house


Sticky Fingers is sticking around. And I can’t wait to look up! Artist Danny Diamond will be tackling that chalkboard wrap around. Diamond painted a showstopper for Happy Belly sister restaurant, Minglewood Tavern at Latitude.

Happy Belly, 3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA, a Serenitee Restaurant Group property.

Another Door Opens sneak peek inside Happy Belly ‘before’ buildout in process April 2017

Danny Diamond post

Quick Trip to Kennebunkport

I’m pretty thankful that my boys are getting to the age that they don’t “need” or ask for much for their birthdays….and that they understand that “doing things is better than getting stuff.”  So, as one of Thatcher’s birthday gifts we took off for a one night getaway to Kennebunkport.  Our intention was to simply swim, beach comb, fish, explore, ride bikes, poke around in some stores, and then head to the Portland Sea Dogs game the next morning.  The weather didn’t necessarily cooperate for some of our planned outdoor fun….although the fishing was still a must.

While there we drove by the Bush Estate.  It was nice to show the boys where the family has gathered together for so many years and to look across the water and imagine the good times, laughs, rites of passage, celebrations, etc that have unfolded on the lawn and within the walls.

It was even nicer to hear that President Bush was in attendance at the Memorial Day parade the next morning.


Lannon is headed up for Sail Boston and we just posted a bunch of our public trips, including one for the Parade of Sail

Hey Joey,
The Lannon is headed up for Sail Boston and we just posted a bunch of our public trips, including one for the Parade of Sail.  If people are coming up to Boston and want to see the amazing ships in port, the best way is to be onboard a participating ship.  Folks can click the below link to see what we are offering and make reservations.  Seats are going fast – so if people want to be part of this they should reserve soon.


Sawyer Free Library Annual Meeting June 12

PANO_20170222_171947 (1)SAVE THE DATE



from SFL board letter:

“…As we step back from our original plan for a new building, we need to make crucial decisions about the library’s future.

“How and where will we provide the services Gloucester deserves and the space to deliver them?”

“How can we provide a truly excellent 21st century facility available to the diverse sectors of the community, with first rate digital capacities, flexible spaces for educational and community gatherings, maker spaces and co-working areas?

“How can we best ensure the comfort, safety, and health of library users…”


1 week closure at Sawyer Free Library starts Monday June 5


photo: SFL parking lot foreground and City Hall- ADA compliance work to be completed inside and construction in the parking lot

Information about the closure week from the library:

“The Library will be CLOSED the week of Monday, June 5 through Saturday, June 10 for renovations associated with ADA compliance. Materials may be returned during this time, however, we encourage you to return them when we reopen as the parking lot will also be under construction and there will be minimal staffing.  Due dates and fines will be adjusted and waived for materials during this time period.  Items may also be returned and checked in at other libraries within the NOBLE system. Please plan to pickup any holds or museum passes before we close on Saturday, June 3 at 1pm.”      

 Save the dates

June 12 Annual meeting proposed building changes

June 15 Poetry without Paper annual awards ceremony and poetry reading

Winners announced! Poetry aloud! SFL Poetry without Paper reception June 15

20150604_190508.jpgSAVE THE DATE poetry aloud!


The 14th Annual Poetry without Paper Awards Ceremony and Poetry Reading is Thursday June 15th at 6:30pm at Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library under the direction of Christy Russo. Author and poet John Ronan will present awards to High School, Middle School and Elementary school students who will then read their poetry aloud. Winners in each division receive prizes,  a book of poetry, certificate of excellence, and an invitation to appear on Cape Ann TV’s long running series The Writer’s Block. Poetry without Paper is open to students living in or attending school in Gloucester. Look for it each April.