Sizing up more details

June 17, 2017 stage review — preparation continues.

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(and how it looked June 8, 2017)


St. Peter’s Fiesta 2017 poster with traditions and…Ravioli eating contest! Cape Ann Big Band! The volunteers are so amazing and on top of things; see next year’s dates printed along the bottom margin of  the poster.


Karen Pischke Represents In Nova Scotia

We happened upon these Canadian dory rowers in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – Kelly Jones, President of the Canadian Dory Racing Association, (her husband John was the one that passed out rowing last year) and Glady Collicut; ‘pumped up’ and ready for the mixed doubles in this weekend’s International Dory Race.

All photos courtesy Karen Pischke


Nova Scotia International Dory RaceNova Scotia GMG Dory Racers Kelly and GladysNova Scotia Dory Racers


Photos from Alice Gardner’s children’s book launch party will post tomorrow when I have a little more time. It was lots of fun and there was a great turnout. Here is Crazy Hat Lady Amy Clayton at the Sawyer Free Library teaching children the call and response “Me chi samiou tutti mutti – Viva San Pietro!”

Gloucester’s own Fiesta Hat Ladies Robyn and Amy with Mayor Sefatia, sister Rose, niece Lia, and friends. I can’t wait to see the sister’s whimsical, wild, and wonderful creations this year!!


HAPPY #cephalopodweek!

Imagine how many of these Colossal Squid versus Sperm Whale battles take place every year. Take a guess–a dozen, two dozen? I think you will be just as surprised by the answer as was I.

The answer is here after the page break.  Continue reading “GIANT SQUID VS. SPERM WHALE EPIC BATTLE”

International Dory Race Results 6/17/17

Damon Cummings reports – 

1. USA Alex Pizzamenti, John Francis 6:01
2. CAN Gladys Collicutt, Morgan Smith 6:18

1. CAN John Ernst, Josh Bell 5:53
2. USA Anthony Sanfilippo, Robbie Horne 6:29

1. CAN Taylor, Danielle Dempsey 6:40
2. USA Alexis Novello, Kristen Burnham 6:51

1. CAN Willie Wells,Walter Nickerson 5:57
2. USA Jimmy Tarantino, Rick Miles 6:04

OPEN (long one mile race)
1. USA Mark, Nick Giacalone 9:43
2. CAN Brett, Todd Dempsey 9:50

Cheese and Food Combining ~

Cape Ann Wellness

Cheese and Food Combining…

Our digestive system was not designed to handle non-stop large, heavy, complex meals. The western eating habits place continual stress on the digestive system with inadequate “down-time” for the system to recuperate. When we over eat, eat too heavy or snack in-between meals we overwork the system causeing log-jams downstream resulting in undigested food that putrefies and ferments, leading to gas, bloating and potential accumulation of “ama” (toxins) from food and unprocessed emotions.

Though the lens of Ayurveda – food combining plays a big part in our digestion.

Cheese, which is cold, heavy and mucus forming, is best eaten alone or with vegetables. Many of the western serving methods (i.e., cheese and crackers; cheese and apples; macaroni and cheese, cheese with sandwiches, cheese pizza, etc.) are very difficult to digest.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC loves cheese sprinkled with a bit of black pepper.

“Blockage is…

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Figs wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with Gorgonzola at Tonno tonight


We are featuring one of my favorite dishes from Prezza tonight.
Figs wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with Gorgonzola.
Here are the rest of tonight’s specials. -Mushroom Risotto
-Short-Cut Rigatoni with lobster
-Halibut with fregola and tomato agrofolce
-Lamb porterhouse with summer squash and zucchini

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