Things are Looking Up for the Greasy Pole Champ, Jake Wagner

Or at least I was looking up at Sunday’s Greasy Pole Champion, Jake Wagner.  I learned quickly from my vantage point just under the pole that that grease is no joke.  Thatch, Finn, and I came home covered in it.

Congratulations to all of the walkers!  There were several very close calls this afternoon! Good showing by all!


GloucesterCast 230 With Chis Munkholm, Andrea Bodnar, Jerry Shine, Nichole Schrafft, Ed Collard, Paul Morrison and Joey C Taped 6/25/17

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast 230 With Chis Munkholm, Andrea Bodnar, Jerry Shine, Nichole Schrafft, Ed Collard, Paul Morrison and Joey C Taped 6/25/17


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Topics Include:

Chis Munkholm, Andrea Bodnar(Science Director) From Gloucester Biotech Academy

Fiesta Recap

New Crescent Moon

Top Things To Do On Cape Ann

Firepit Pro-Tip Figure Out Which Way The Wind Is Blowing And Sit Opposite The Smoke

Drives me nuts- when we have guests on the podcast, we invite them on, we tape it, edit it, and then they don’t share it on their social media sites.

Sheree Zizak had St Peter Medallions Commissioned- Exclusively Available At Beauport Hotel Gift Shop

Jerry Shine A Year Underwater — Twelve Months of Diving, Fraternizing With Marine Life, and Just Having a Great Time, from the St. Lawrence River to West Palm Beach




St. Peter’s Fiesta | irresistible Cape Ann Big Band with Kate Barry

The big crowd for the Sunday Cape Ann Big Band St Peter Fiesta show was treated to glorious live music, strong solos and Kate Barry’s voice soaring Fiesta high. The Fiesta 50/50 raffle was at $1890 at Strike up the band time and climbed throughout the set.
Zach solo
plein air dance floor



Members including:
Director/Manager: Carlos Menezes Jr
Asst. Manager: Rick Geraghty
Promotions/Sales: TBA Stage Management: Shawn Lowe
Catering/Events: Paula Burns
Media: Gary Wolsieffer
Saxophones: Carlos Menezes Jr Steve Silva Ed Biggs Nick Capello Zach Gorrell
Trumpets: Arthur Adamson Shawn Lowe Anthony Prestigiovanni Rick Naso
Trombones: Paula Burns Dana Cohen Tom Madore Ben Tuck Bass Gary Wolsieffer
Guitar Steve Lacey
Drums Rick Geraghty
Piano: Chris Bodek
Percussion: Michael Thomas Doyle

Art During the Week!

New England Premiere of

Principles of Curiosity

in Gloucester Tuesday, June 27

New Movie Presents the Foundations of Scientific Skepticism and Critical Thinking

 Flyer Boston Clear.jpg

Cape Ann Skeptics in conjunction with the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage are presenting the first New England screening of a new movie from Skeptoid Media – Principles of Curiosity. The documentary was written and produced by Brian Dunning, founder of Skeptoid Media.

“This documentary explores the pseudoscience that permeates pop culture and offers a simple process that anyone can follow to learn to tell what’s real from what’s not,” said Dunning. “It’s designed for people of all ages with an emphasis on teaching students how to critically evaluate what attempts to pass as the truth.”

The screening is set for June 27 at the Cape Ann Cinema and Stage, 21 Main St., Gloucester, MA. Doors open at 7:30 with a meet and greet with Brian and Ryan C. Johnson, the movie’s director. The showing begins at 8:00 with a question and answer session to follow.

Advance tickets are not required, but are recommended and can be obtained online at

Dunning emphasized that “In this age of fake news, alternative facts and endless conspiracy theories, it’s essential our students learn the basics of critical thinking. My goal with this movie is to introduce the thinking process essential to sorting out truth from fiction.”

In addition to theatrical screenings, the 40-minute documentary is designed for the classroom. Dunning has created lesson plans and other educational materials for classroom use. There is no charge or fees for use of the film in educational settings.

Dunning’s other work includes the popular podcast Skeptoid. Each weekly episode, download by over 100,000 listeners, explores a claim of pseudoscience, applying a “skeptical eye” to the claims in an effort to find the truth.

The film is nonprofit, noncommercial, and released under a Creative Commons license for free public and private showings worldwide.

Cape Ann Skeptics:

Since 2010 this group has held monthly meeting for skeptics and those who want to learn more about skepticism. Speakers present information on a wide variety of topics followed by lively discussions. For more information visit


Windhover Season Opens with
Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company

Performance of signature dances as well as “lost” work among highlights


Windhover is proud to announce the annual performing arts season begins with a bang when the internationally renowned Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company takes up residence starting on Tuesday, June 27 until Sunday, July 2, 2017. The company of six dancers will be teaching master classes, culminating in three public performances scheduled for Thursday, June 29 at 7:30pm, Friday, June 30 at 7:30 and Saturday, July 1, at 7:30pm. The performances will be on the outdoor stage if weather allows. Otherwise they will be performed inside the back studio, and it will be first come first-served with limited space. No tickets are required, but a suggested donation of $20 is greatly appreciated.

 The PERFORMANCE schedule is as follows:

Thursday June 29 & Friday June 30th at 7:30pm

Ina Hahn’s choreography to two sections of Bach’s cello suite no.6 performed live by cellist Josh Gordon. The piece is titled: “Fragments of Six”. Sharing the program is Paul Taylor’s work titled “Junction” performed to Bach’s cello suites no.1 & 4.

“Tracer” is the last piece on the program. It was a lost work created by Paul Taylor in 1962 that disappeared from the repertory. The work was reconstructed last year and performed at the 92nd St Y in New York.  It involved a collaboration between the late renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg and choreographer Paul Taylor. Art historian Robert Saltonstall Mattison will provide insights into this collaborative process with an introductory talk beforehand.

Saturday July 1st: at 7:30pm

An all-out Paul Taylor program with masterpieces that include “Company B” with songs sung by the Andrew Sisters. The “Uncommitted”, with music by Arvo Pärt is from 2011. And “Junction” performed to sections of Bach’s cello suites no. 1 & 4 which is a link to Ina Hahn and her choreography, as both choreographers used J.S. Bach’s music as their inspiration for their dances.

MASTERCLASSES: Open to the public to all ages and all levels are SIX masterclasses taught by company members from the Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company. Donations are welcome. The schedule of classes is as follows, taught in the back dance studio at Windhover.

Wednesday, June 28th

9:30-11:00 am: General class level, all ages.
4:00-5:15 pm: Beginner class
5:30-7:00 pm: Intermediate class

Thursday, June 29th:

9:30-11:00am General class level, all ages.

Friday, June 30th:

9:30-11:00am General class, all ages.

Saturday July 1st:

9:30-11:00am General class, all ages.

 For further information, please contact Executive Director, Lisa Hahn at or by phone at 978-546-3611.

image004.jpg257 rear Granite Street • Rockport, MA. 01966 • 978-546-3611



Sherman “Pat” Morss Tall Ships Photos

Hi All:

Yesterday Anne-Lise and I had the honor of going out on a Whale Watch boat from Gloucester and see the large tall ships start a race from Cape Ann, several miles from home, to Halifax on the next leg of their Rendezvous 2017. Here are some photos. The smaller boats are a few of our Gloucester historic vessels.