Cape Ann Art Haven Lobster Trap Tree Buoy Auction at Cruiseport

Caffe Sicilia
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360 panorama if your camera has this option

Not the news he wanted…

I’m sorry to report that Neil’s (aka Yukon Cornelius) adventure up to Mt Washington was cancelled today!  The crew has had an extremely difficult 36 hours attempting to open up the road to allow passage up to the Observatory but as of 1am this morning winds had gusted on multiple occasions to a peak of 127 mph with visibility of less than 50 feet.   With conditions not expecting to improve significantly throughout the weekend they will also be unable to bring down the Observatory President and film crew who have been stranded there since Wednesday.  On the upside Neil gets to hang out with his adoring wife this weekend and try again the first weekend in April!!


Thumbs down!
Thumbs down!

Diet of the Mind

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Cape Ann Wellness

It all starts with sleep…

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLCknows the importance of sleep as our bodies metabolize waste products mostly after 10pm. Through the lens of Ayurveda the immune system needs to revitalize itself between 11:00pm and 2:00am.

Studies have shown that when you are sleep deprived there is a disruption with the connection from our brain to our stomach. This adds to making you think you are hungry and contributes to reaching for unhealthy high fat foods.
Ayurveda describes sleep as the “diet of the mind”.

If you are not in bed before 10pm – start this weekend by backing up your bedtime until you reach 10pm or earlier. Depending on when your normal bedtime hour is this could take a few days to a week. Something so small but worth so much to your overall wellbeing.

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 🙂


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Pigeon Cove Tavern at The Emerson Inn

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The braised pork shank and filet @pigeoncovetavern prepared by @chefdoug – Out of this world! If you haven’t been, you’re nuts. The room is gorgeous, the staff is professional and friendly, and the food- outrageous.


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