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Lots of fun in our East Gloucester neighborhood after the first decent snowstorm of the season. Happy Snow Days ❤

P.S. Sorry friends for the grainy photos, the sun had set beyond the hill.

$100,000 outright NEH grant awarded to MA Center for Independent Documentary for Walking Cinema and 15 other projects in Massachusetts

The awarded project “Walking Cinema: Museum of the Hidden City” is headed by Michael Epstein, Untravel Media. You can see more about their work at including the one that is part of the Gloucester HarborWalk designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, and earned a 2013 Gold Muse Award from the American Alliance of Museums. Epstein also produced an audible original podcast, “Pen and Place”. Congratulations!

To see the National Endowment for the Humanities complete list of grant recipients across Massachusetts and the country: NEH announces $16 million in awards for 290 projects  


Winter Cleanse

Cape Ann Wellness

Winter Cleanse…Release, Relax, Reset

Do you just want to feel better and start off the New Year with a jump start? Then now is the time!

Join Ayurveda Wellness Healing in a guided, at-home 7-day Winter Cleanse.
*January 22 – 28, 2017

Kick-Off Conference Call (We ship anywhere)
Wednesday, January 11 at 8pm EST
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Wednesday, January 18 at 6:30pm EST (our office)

Winter is a great time of year for a cleanse but not just a cleanse but one that also helps to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Seasonal cleansing rids our bodies of all sorts of toxins, pollutants, harb chemicals, pesitcides, and any other Ama (toxic residue) that our physical body has accumulated over the holiday period. Cleanses will help to purify and tone the internal organs, cells, and tissues of the body, flushing out impurites that aren’t serving us.

Ask yourself the following quesitons:

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Pet of the Week-Jasper

Jasper here. I am happy to meet you and why yes, I would love to join you for a stroll. Snacks? But of course, one of my favorite things to do is nibble and lounge. I am an affectionate boy with a true Shih Tzu nature and heart. 

 I am looking for a dog savvy home, one who isn’t going to let me take over the couch but will teach me that when invited I can share what is theirs. Life is all about lessons and compromise and I am ready for my turn to learn and find the perfect match for me. I am looking for an adult home, preferably one that adores Shih Tzu’s! I tend to guard high value items. So no bones for this boy! I am also considered a Special Needs adoption because I also have a hypothyroid. I take one pill 2 x a day and I’m A OK! If you think you could fill the empty space in my life then what are you waiting for? 

 Hurry on in and let’s get to getting to know each other right away! To see all available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please visit our website:

Frrrrrrozen Fenway

With the temperatures in the low 20s, I’d say Frozen Fenway is an appropriate name!

A friend and I took some avid little hockey players to check out “the big kids” on the ice. In this case, those big kids were the Boston University and UMASS teams.

The temperatures were no joke, but it was great to get in there for a bit. With some competitive hockey, cocoa, and even curling the boys had a great time.  A couple of the boys had to get back to Cape Ann for their own hockey games so we didn’t stay for the double header and I couldn’t help but think how much colder it must have been for the 5:00 Boston College vs. Providence game at the end of the day.  There isn’t enough “Bailey’s in the coffee” to make that sound tempting.

A thank you note from TBT Post

Richard from TBT Post sent this email out on Sunday.  Another reason we love our local stores.  Thank you Richard.  As I am typing this, have the wonderful warm socks that TBT Post sell on.

This Sunday morning I shoveled my way out of my house in Rockland Mass to enjoy my adventurous drive north to our wonderful City of Gloucester Mass.

 When I arrived in the City of Gloucester off of RTE 128 I could only say one word. WOW!!!!

The streets and sidewalks were cleaned as if we didn’t even have our first blizzard of the year.

 I was able to walk right into the TBT Post Store and open it for customers as if it was a summer day. Despite the foot and a half of snow.

 I am just speechless.

 The only words I can manage to say at this time are “Thank You Gloucester and to everyone involved”

 It was great to see that Short and Main had a nice crowd for their Sunday Brunch today.

 Premier Imprints, The Olive Oil Company and other stores where open ready for  business.

 Café Sicilia who is always open, was open with my favorite morning cup of hot chocolate and sweets that we all love.

 Café Sicilia has the best cup of Hot Chocolate for the worst blizzard mother nature can ever come up with.

 Thank you  to the City of Gloucester and everyone who works so hard making Gloucester a fun destination all year round.

 TBT Post is so proud and we feel so fortunate to be a part of the unlimited positive energy in the City of Gloucester Massachusetts.

 Note: TBT Post did pass the positive energy forward by shoveling out some of the cross walks.

 A Million Thanks to The Wonderful City of Gloucester Ma!!!!

 Richard P. Fenk MAB Corp/TBT Post Stores

33 Main Street Gloucester Ma 01930-5730