HAPPY FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR SUNRISE (and one winsome Harbor Seal)!

Not the prettiest of sunsets, though not bad for a chilly January first morning. Initially it looked to be a bust, but the clouds parted a bit and the sun shone brightly through. Happy New Year wishes. I hope the coming year brings you much love, joy, happiness, and peace

Sunrise sequence January 1, 2017



Catherine Ryan Shares More About the Bachelor Coat

Catherine writes that the story about her sons Charles and George King’s successful fundraising effort to preserve the Albert Bacheler Civil War coat was number five amongst readers for the Cape Ann Beacon. cape-ann-beacon-top-5-stories-2016

Happy New Year! Onward

Dusting of snow along the back of Anna Hyatt Huntington’s superb Joan of Arc WWI memorial, such a multifaceted muse and Gloucester landmark.

Whatever brings you there– artist, subject, sculpture, setting, history –its surplus of qualities alone and together reward gaze and inquiry. I took several photographs early December 30th, careful compositions against a gift of blues and vault of morning sky. For this one, I roughly edited out the telephone wires for my thoughts. Shake off 2016 and frame up a fresh start for the year ahead!


(See Joan of Arc HarborWalk story moment for more information.)

More, not less for 2017

Every New Year we think about what we are going to do less of…drink less, eat less, be less lazy.   This year I’m all about MORE!   I’m ready for MORE positivity, MORE adventures, MORE sunrises and sunsets, MORE laughter, MORE fun, MORE patience, MORE gratitude and just living life MORE.  So my wish to everyone for 2017 is MORE!   dscf6610-edit