Can’t Wait To See All Our FOB’s At Cape Ann Giclee For Our XMAS Party Saturday Night! COME!!!!!!

You heard me right! We wanted to wait this year and put it out after all the holidays in the lull of winter. So here we are, kicking you in the privates to get your attention.



Are You A FOB?

Then you better get your sexy ass down to Cape Ann Giclee For The GMG XMAS Party January 28th! 6PM Til We Burn Down The Neighborhood!

I’m just gonna put this out there that if you consider yourself a FOB you had better show up for our killer OFFICIAL GMG CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!

We’re gonna celebrate it all, Kwanza, spinnin the dradel, all that fun shit!

Saturday, December 28th, 2017 – 6 to 11pm (ish)
Cape Ann Giclée
20 Maplewood Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930



WILD, WET, AND WINDY–there is incredible beauty to be seen in the power of the sea. 

noreaster-backshore-waves-2-gloucester-1-24-17-copyright-kim-smithDogbar Breakwater Lighthouse noreaster-backshore-waves-6-gloucester-1-24-17-copyright-kim-smith

Winter Cabin Fever Market


Here is a list of vendors who will be participating at this show:

Melissa Cox Soaps
Sand to City Style
Premier Imprints
Erin Pequeno Stone Designer
Diane Saunders, Represent Lularoe
Criadh Morrison – Roberts, Edible Art Cookie Creations
Paula and Emma Sanders, hand painted greeting cards
Lisa Ann Schraff, India Hicks styling and jewelry
Amy Hunt, Watercolors
Cape Ann Animal Aid
Donna Ardizzoni – Photography
Lizzi Harrington, Rodan and Field’s Skincare
Stephanie Vanderbilt, coastal and window and exteriors
City Adams, Memory Quilt
Scott from the new Restaurant Press
Pauline Bresnahan, Pauline’s Gifts
Kylee Foote, Herbalist

This event will be covered in a live feed broadcast by Kory Curcuru for The Magnolia Library’s Bridge Page


I’ve been very much looking forward to the debut of Rachel Carson and posted it on facebook yesterday as it is premiering tonight. Cape Ann environmental author Deborah Cramer then shared that she is in the documentary!!!

From an American Experience, “Rachel Carson is an intimate portrait of the woman whose groundbreaking books revolutionized our relationship to the natural world. When Silent Spring was published in September 1962 it became an instant bestseller and would go on to spark dramatic changes in the way the government regulated pesticides.

Rachel Carson premieres January 24 at 8/7c on PBS.”

Visit Deborah’s website for more about her beautiful book The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, An Ancient Crab, and An Epic Journey, which was named Best Book by the National Academy of Sciences, and is the winner of both the Rachel Carson Book Award and the Reed Award in Environmental Writing.


Rusty & Ingrid Creative Company

I have meaning to get over to Magnolia to visit the studio of Rusty & Ingrid Creative Company since purchasing some of their artwork at City Hall Plaza’s “Boston Winter” back in December. I have yet to do so, but wanted to give a shout out to their amazing work now anyway.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t realize when I first started to look through their shop for some holiday gifts that Rusty & Ingrid actually calls Gloucester/Magnolia home.  I was poking around and picking out some prints when I overheard someone mention that their studio was located on Cape Ann.  How have I missed that?  Their artwork is gorgeous! Of course, and I should have know, upon conducting some research, both Donna and Joey have done numerous posts here on GMG about the phenomenal art that this talented duo creates…and their super cute kids.

While the boys were skating at #BostonWinter that afternoon I quickly purchased a print of Brant Point, Nantucket for my own home (that’s where we got engaged) and a print of Martha’s Vineyard for my mom…who visits there often.  I really wanted, however, to also buy the print of Fenway’s Green Monster and at least ten of the prints depicting many of my favorite haunts of both Gloucester and Rockport…including, of course, Thacher’s Island for Thatcher.  I also texted photos of a print of Lake Winnipesaukee to a friend who owns a home up there….and several of their ski destination prints to friends who frequent various mountains. I would totally decorate a beach cottage or ski lodge with a large series of these….if I had one to decorate.

If you haven’t seen their work, take a peek at their website in the link below.  I’m in love with their work…but also that they are local and make magic happen as a small, family run business.

Visit their website HERE


Alicia Unleashed- #makecraigviral

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed episode 53 with special guests Joey C, Rick D, Melissa and B-Side with Hostess Alicia Cox

World Premier of new Theme Song, Pats Nation, Our boy Craig and so much more…