ARTICLE IN THE LONDON SUNDAY TIMES FEATURING CAPE ANN: Seafood and Dunes: New England’s Lesser-known Cape

Thanks to Good Morning Gloucester reader Peggy Matlow for passing along the following article. It was forwarded to her by Peggy’s cousin, who lives in England.good-harbor-beach-cape-annsnow-copyright-kim-smith
By James Dean
January 7, 2017
Salt hits the back of my throat. As I step out of my car, I suck deeper on the icy sea air. Freezing waves crash below me as I gaze out towards the Atlantic from Gloucester, an old fishing settlement on the New England coast, while the sun slowly drops below the horizon.

In the distance is the glimmer of the Eastern Point lighthouse, the last sight of home for many Gloucester fishermen before they sailed into the vastness of the ocean. Dotted around the harbour are small wooden houses from which fishermen’s wives would look anxiously into the bay.

Fishing has run thick in the blood of Gloucester since English settlers arrived in 1623. The city — the oldest seaport in America — is on Cape Ann, which juts into the Atlantic just north of Boston. Across the Cape, stretched over some of the most beautiful coastline in America, are working fishing towns, beaches of white sand, marshes, old colonial buildings and, of course, bucket loads of fresh seafood.

In the winter, with the fishermen at rest, the pace of life slows to match the region’s calm, understated beauty. This is perhaps the reason that Manchester by the Sea, the brooding drama starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, was filmed here in the winter months. Although the movie (most of which was filmed in Gloucester) follows the lives of a working-class family, Manchester-by-the-Sea itself, which lies to the west of Gloucester, is unabashedly wealthy. Just off the main road are $14 million mansions with great sea views.

When we Brits think of the Massachusetts coastline, we think of the dreamy panoramas of Cape Cod. Indeed, most Bostonites head south to the sand dunes and salty air whenever they take a break from the city. If Cape Cod and its quaint little villages possess a special kind of serene beauty, so does the lesser-known Cape Ann. And with fewer tourists, Cape Ann — unlike Cape Cod — stays in character.


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Snow drifts at Annisquam Light

Got my snow removal chores done so I think I’m going to dig my snow shoes out for a adventure this afternoon!  Today reminds me of a day a couple years back when some friends and I snow shoed down to Annisquam Light after a storm on a sub-zero day!   Have a great sunday!

Snow drifts at Annisquam Light
Snow drifts at Annisquam Light


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