Cape Ann Foodie Tours Valentine’s Day Special – A New Twist on Dinner and a Movie

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Why not make a change in your Valentine’s Day routine this year? Mix it up a little. Instead of a restaurant gift certificate, why not give your sweetie a Cape Ann Foodie Tour gift certificate? It’s a delicious way to spend 2.5 hours, gets lots to eat (tour includes 6 food stops), and learn about the seaport city of either Gloucester or Newburyport, MA.  You’ll be “full” of knowledge after this tour! And each tour comes with a free movie ticket! All for $50 total – a $20 savings!

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For more information call: 617-902-8291


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Take Me I’m Yours! A FREE HOUSE! You Only Need To…pink-house-newbury-plum-island-2-copyright-kim-smith

Many admire the Pink House that you see on the way to Plum Island and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, so much so that when it came time to demolish there was public outcry. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to preserve the house by either of these two conditions. Option number one: a person can take ownership if they are willing to move the house off the land, or option number two is that if you own several acres of comparable land near the refuge, you can exchange the land for the house. Option two allows the house to stay in its current location.

Perhaps the Pink House could become a community or art center. The building has been deemed structurally sound, although there is quite a bit of asbestos that needs removing.

The Pink House is the last house remaining on the refuge. All other homes and farms were either sold or taken by eminent domain; the very last on Stage Island was demolished just this past

pink-house-newbury-plum-island-red-tailed-hawk-copyright-kim-smithpink-house-newbury-plum-island-red-tailed-hawk-2-copyright-kim-smithSnowy Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, and other raptors like to perch on the cupola of the Pink House.


At the GMG holiday party, I was admiring David Calvo’s photos of his son Leon’s school project. Leon is in the sixth grade and is studying Egypt. He has created a scale replica of the famous King Tutankhamun’s death mask. More than simply admiring, I am very impressed! img_2604 img_2602img_2615img_2611

The 34th Annual Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour Announces New Dates & Returning Artisans


CAA-logo-72dpi (1).jpg

The Cape Ann Artisans have set the schedule for 2017. The Spring Tour will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4. The Fall Tour will encompass the entire three day Columbus Day Weekend, Oct 7-9. The tour time is 10AM-5PM. The Holiday Show will return during Rockport’s Main Street festivities on December 1 and 2nd.

The Artisans welcome back several members that were on sabbatical, Elizabeth Harty, Marcie Rae, and Bond Street Studio. One new studio will be on the tour, that of Deborah Gonet, a mixed media artist.

The Artisans thank the community for its continued support of its partner program that includes sponsorships on the brochure and online. Annually, the Artisans print and distribute over 12,000 brochures which are distributed throughout the region. A few of these coveted spots remain available if booked by February 6th. For information, please contact Sinikka Nogelo:

The Artisans have also launched a program called “CAA in the Community” where a small group of artisans will create an on-site display and mini-presentation to inform your group about the tour in more detail. It’s a chance to meet the artists and help share the story with your organization and to better inform both residents and visitors. To request a visit by the artisans, please send a note to Jackie via
The Tour will include 20 studios and 22 Artisans. The 2017 Artisans are:

David Archibald
Cynthia Curtis
Rob Diebboll
Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco
Deborah Gonet
Elizabeth Harty
Camilla MacFadyen
Anni Melançon
Sinikka Nogelo
Bond Street Studio: Terry DelPercio-Piemonte & David Piemonte
Marcie Rae
Margaret Rack
Mi Robertson
Pam Stratton
Bart Stuyf
Twin Lights Studio: Erin O’Sullivan & Scott Place
Mary Ann Wenniger
Beth Williams
Ruth Worrall
Sara Wright

Cape Ann Museum extended

Voicing the Woods: Jeremy Adams, Instrument Maker
Exhibit extended through March 5, 2017

The curator’s job sounds relatively simple: just surprise us. Show us something we haven’t seen before, or lately, or in such depth, or with such clarity. Try to avoid the predictable and familiar, the market approved or academically sanctioned, or what other curators have already done. Try to step outside your museum’s comfort zone or carefully manicured institutional persona with something eccentric, an intuitive leap. After all, there is plenty of art out there.
—Roberta Smith, “Museums Embrace the Unfamiliar” New York Times, September 16, 2016

The current exhibition at the Cape Ann Museum would be music to Ms. Smith’s ears. Voicing the Woods: Jeremy Adams, Instrument Maker is the unpredictable, eccentric delight she calls for. Indeed, the Museum has leaped forward with its intuition that Mr. Adams’s peerless craftsmanship has exactly the genius and beauty for the rapture of an unsuspecting public. And from all accounts, its public has agreed!

Voicing Woods - three.jpg

A formal lyricism in this exhibition commands attention to more than one art form. From the fabrication of brass hinges to bone keys (not to mention the skunk-tail sharps and cow-toenail couplers!), to sculptural stands and the exacting, exquisite joinery that must move unerringly to create music, the show reveals the prodigious skill and artistry of Jeremy Adams, one of the most gifted musical instrument makers in the United States. Meticulously presented in the Museum’s largest gallery, the exhibition showcases an impressive selection of harpsichords inspired by Flemish and French designs of the 17th and 18th centuries, a chamber organ, a clavichord, a demonstration organ chest, and a beautiful, witty silent keyboard, all built in their entirety by Adams in his Danvers, Massachusetts atelier. Curated from over 40 instruments built since the 1960s, these works reside in public and private collections around the world. The exhibit’s centerpiece is the stunning French (Blanchet) double-manual harpsichord with its very modern stand, which emerged from the Adams workshop this summer and is featured in events for the duration of the exhibit, sometimes in tandem with other instruments in the room. Also in the gallery, Paul Cary Goldberg’s elegant photographs, commissioned by the Museum, document the Adams workshop—the tools, details, atmosphere and the droll, quirky personality from which the instruments come.

In addition to the keyboards in the gallery, the Museum displays a selection of Adams’s furniture in the adjoining 1804 Captain Elias Davis House, offering an interesting contrast to the period furniture in the House. The design and construction of Adams’s furniture and objets d’art derive, in part, from the refined casework of his musical instruments, and in part from a lifelong interest in painting and sculpture. Commissions for new pieces show an ever-evolving freshness to his work, liberating Adams from the stringent requirements of instrument making, and resulting in highly individual and sometimes quite humorous treatments of materials both found and made. One might say that Mr. Adams has left the academy behind.

We hope you will be inspired and hasten to Gloucester for this unusual banquet of instruments and furniture now in felicitous proximity with Fitz Henry Lane, the Folly Cove Designers and all the other luminaries who inhabit this “jewel of a museum.”

In whatever way we could make your journey to Boston’s North Shore manageable, we would enthusiastically assist. The exhibition runs through March 5, 2017.

Pier 23 Now Hiring

Another fun event at Sand to City

Have you wanted to learn how to paint your own piece of furniture and learn the basic techniques of chalk paint? Join this workshop to help you get it done.  Students learn the basic techniques of one-two color distressed finish with chalk type paint and waxing and distressing techniques. Bring your own small piece of furniture and we will help you transform it into a beautiful vintage piece.

Students will leave confident to tackle any project at home.

We supply all of the materials and professional guidance to teach you all you need to know to create a fabulous finish!!

We will provide adult beverages and snacks

Barred Owl at Parker River Wildlife Refuge

On my way home from NH yesterday we took the back roads through Rye, Salisbury and Newburyport to see if we could see any snowy owls hanging about.  We didn’t find any snowys but we were lucky enough to catch the Barred Owl that has been sighted at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge at the Hellcat Trail.   He was tucked in behind a bunch of branches but he was content to just sit and bask in the warm sun…and we were content to sit and watch him!

Basking in the sun
Basking in the sun
Sleeping beauty
Sleeping beauty
Cracking his eyes to check out his admirers
Cracking his eyes to check out his admirers

Never Too Early to Start Thinking About How to Kick Off Summer!

So….two things.  First of all, I was excited to read today that Cape Ann Harbor Tours will be offering a new trip in their repertoire of already fun trips for tourists and locals alike.  Their new trip is called the “Annisquam River Trip.”

On this leisurely 2 hour journey, you will cruise along and view the barrier beaches, clam flats and tidal tributaries. Take in the unique waterscapes and experience first-hand a widely recognized Important Bird Area (IBA) featuring Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Sandpipers, and Gulls.

Read about this and their other trips HERE

We’ve spent lots of time on the King Eider and the Lady Jillian as a family, with friends, while playing tour guide and with school groups.  My favorite nights with Harbor Tours have been when we charter the boat with a group of friends, bring some finger sandwiches and sushi, pack our coolers, play some music, and cruise around the harbor with Capt. Douglass at the helm filling us in on local lore and fishing industry facts.

And THAT…takes me to my next point…

Have you ever wanted to help out a charitable organization, but either didn’t know how (short of writing a check) or honestly didn’t feel as though you were in the position to part with enough funds to make a difference?  Well, first of all, we know that ANY amount is appreciated by all charities, but….that having been said…here’s another idea for you…

Earlier this month I called Cape Ann Harbor Tours and, along with three other friends, booked one of their vessels for a 2.5 hour trip in May.  The four of us split the price of the trip equally.  We then offered the boat excursion up to friends, families, and co-workers.  The money raised via the 25 tickets sold will go directly to the charity of our choice…which, in this case, is the school where we all work and that our children attend.  So, for a reasonable amount of money, the four of us offered up the boat (our donation to the school), 25 other people purchased tickets (their donation to the school), and…in the end…we all get a super fun night out with friends, on the water, doing what we love….and the school gets a pretty sweet sized donation.  Win, win, win….win.  Right?

This same scenario could be translated to any charitable organization or cause.  You and few friends decide who you would like to benefit, gather your friends and have them spend a little bit of money to hang out with you on the water, and Ka Bam, instant party and money raised!

I’m excited that this will be one of our first fun nights out when the winter weather turns to spring, I’m excited to raise some money for our school, and I’m excited to support Cape Ann Harbor Tours with a charter at the very beginning of their season.

Photos both courtesy of Cape Ann Harbor Tours website


Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 1/31/17


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Gloucester High School Internship Program starts 2/7 – Register Now!

Image ~ January 30, 2017 ~ GloucesterU ~


Volunteer Mentors Needed

January 30, 2017 ~ lwheels2636

postcard-for-mentor-recruitment-finalVolunteer Mentors Needed!

FREE GHS Internship Program Starts February 7th – Register NOW!

January 28, 2017 ~ GloucesterU

Gloucester High School  FREE Spring/Summer Internship Program 2017
Starts Tuesday, February 7, 2017 – SEE INFO BELOW AND REGISTER NOW!!

ATTENTION GHS STUDENTS – Summer 2017 is right around the corner. Do you have a job yet?

The FREE and FUN Gloucester High School Internship Program for 9th-11th graders will help you FIND A JOB and more!
A 15 week class will meet Tuesdays after school 2:20 PM – 4:20 PM starting February 7th.  Job search, resume, networking, college and career tips, speakers and events!
We will match you to a summer internship! (most are paid jobs). You will have a summer job for up to 6 weeks with a career advisor.

To apply, please email Caitlin Pszenny at:
For more information or questions, please call Caitlin: 339-788-1994