Waves and wind on Tuesday

What an awesome display of Mother Nature’s power.

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5 thoughts on “Waves and wind on Tuesday

  1. Wow must have been winds gusts and think we used to see these at 25 – 30 or higher I know not smart but we used to stand on the other side of break-wall spray :-O Rascals indeed until got yelled at to get away by an adult. And Long John weather indeed guess be a good time to hold on?! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    70’s flashback

    Barry Manilow – Could It Be Magic


  2. Bet that was fun to go live!~ He was big this way here too just like most of the music (America made) 🙂 Dave & Kim I like the words in a lot of the songs and music too! They estimate 35 Million cars on roadway this way for Lunar New Year Solar :-O I stay put during these big holidays Think the population this way is around 51 Million now…


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