Chickity Check It- The Solar Voyager Website and Tracker

To track the Solar Voyager that left Maritime Gloucester unmanned, it’s current conditions, distance traveled, and it’s track check out this link and click on the little tab at the bottom left that says “dashboard”


2016 Launch – Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

The launch of Solar Voyager was generously supported by the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center in the beautiful and historic port of Gloucester Massachusetts. The Heritage Center provided dock space and crane support as well as a connection to the community of volunteer boat skippers, who generously volunteered their time in the support of Solar Voyager’s sea trials. In particular we would like to thank the following individuals: Tom Balf, Steve Parks, Damon Cummings, Hilary Brown, Pat Baker, Phil Dunn, and the crew of the Schooner Adventure.



Cecropia Moth Male copyright Kim Smith

Christine holding male Cecropia Moth

This newly emerged Cercropia Moth, the largest species of Lepidoptera found in North America, was photographed at the home of my new friend Christine. She lives on the backshore of Gloucester and, with her friend Jane, who lives on the opposite side of Gloucester in the Lanesville area, are trying to repopulate Cape Ann with several species of the stunning and charismatic moths of the Saturn Family. These include the Cecropia Moth (commonly called Robin Moth), Luna Moth, and Polyphemus Moth.

Where formerly abundant, these most beautiful members of the native Giant Silkworm Moth group of Lepidoptera are at extreme risk of becoming extirpated (extinct from a region). Christine recalls a time when she could easily find the cocoons in her neighborhood. Now she finds none. The reasons for their decline are severalfold; loss of habitat, the poison in the pesticides sprayed on trees is highly toxic to all insects, and because they are suffering from a parasitism by a tachinid fly (Compsilura concinnata) that was introduced to control the Gypsy Moth. Each and every person on Cape Ann can help these moths make a comeback by making a commitment to not use pesticides and herbicides, for any reason, ever.

Cecropia moth cocoon copyright Kim Smith

Cecropia Moth cocoon

Christine and Jane purchase the cocoons at Magic Wings in Deerfield, MA. They place the cocoons in the screened butterfly house where they have also placed branches of the caterpillar’s food plant (in this case, birch branches). Cecropia Moth caterpillar food plants include the foliage of maple, birch, ash, apple, cherry, and lilac.

Screened butterfly cage-house copyright Kim Smith

If both male and female are present, they will mate almost immediately, within the first day or two, and the female will begin depositing eggs soon after. She releases the eggs on nearly every surface within the enclosure, dozens and dozens of eggs, up to 100!

Cecropia moth eggs copyright Kim Smith

Cecropia Moth eggs

If the eggs are viable, within several weeks, the caterpillars will chew their way out of the egg casing and begin to eat the caterpillar food plants provided.

Perhaps like Christine and Jane who, moth by moth, are trying to save our native Giant Silkworm Moths, you’ll be inspired to raise these North American beauties, too!

More photos to come if a batch of caterpillars emerges.

Alicia Unleashed Episode 28-We go deeeeeep.

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)Episode 28-Taped 6/1/16 with B-side, Tyler and Hostess Alicia Cox.



It’s Summertime! Math is hard, how old are you Selia? It’s Saturday Night LIVE! Summer TV, Alicia is not convinced it’s Summer. We address Muhammad Ali’s Death (RIP Champ), Tangent-Best Biographical Movies and the actors that portray them. B goggles stuff. Singer/Youtube Star/Voice Contestant Christina Grimmie shot just signing autographs at a show, what is wrong with Society? Fiesta Time is upon us and Alicia IS GOING OUT #Fuckittour2016 (your PSA), Fight Culture at Fiesta Time-Alicia gets real, Can you spot the “Out of Towners”? B-side talks about Gun Violence and Silent Violence, B-side opens up about a very serious situation. Male fat shaming with Wentworth Miller, Axl Rose, Rob Kardashian, Marc Maron. Hope the Apocalypse does not happen in November. Alicia doesn’t know the Kardashians and B does not believe her. Alicia knows nothing about Khole and the man in a coma (who is no longer in a coma). Alicia loves Ellen episodes.  Alicia does not know how Kindles and B’s Amazon account works. The Rock Clock (get it). Alicia doing things for herself! Alicia bought and attached a propane tank, went to the car wash, installed AC’s. Tyler comes in and joins us. We get serious. B can use a lawn mower, weed whacker, change a tire (but would rather call AAA), drag race, attach a propane tank and use power drills. Tyler found an extension cord and searching with his hands and not his eyes.  Sorry to Future Mr. B-Side. AC’s magically installed themselves at the Cox house. Tyler’s alcove…er boy cave. Alicia and B educate Tyler on 1999’s internet. Seasonal things where Alicia has had to do things. Shout Out to Gloucester Boxing Club, The Cave. Stuff we want to accomplish this summer. B’s personal hell at Market Basket. Tyler is going to be a L..I.T. at Camp Spindrift. Tyler will miss Alicia’s birthday. Tyler wants to go to Florida, and blames Alicia for not being on a plane yet. Tyler calls out his dad about not knowing how to turn off a TV.

Quote of the Week

“Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.”

Shari Barr (no dates available) See A self-described country girl from southern Iowa, Barr is a mother and wife who writes children’s literature from a Christian perspective. Her books include those of the Camp Club Girls series.

Happy anniversary!!!

This week marks the one year anniversary that Izzy adopted me.
She’s trained me very well. She let’s  me enjoy the Gloucester Dog Park almost everyday.
You never know what you can expect when a dog adopts you.
Hopefully she’s  happy with my progress.
Check out Cape Ann Animal aid’s website to see if a dog or cat loves you enough to
adopt you.
Happy Anniversary Izzy and to us!




Rubber Duck Public Service Announcement #8

Rubber Duck was ranting this morning. Went fishing off the rocks and all we caught was a dozen helium balloons with “Happy Birthday” on them. I tried to cast out to snag them before they headed off to Lisbon, Portugal, nailed them but they slipped off the hook. A Kayak fisherman paddled over and I hooked him and he then paddled out and hooked the balloons.

Rubber Duck could not wait to slay the balloons.
Rubber Duck could not wait to slay the balloons.
Even with no opposable thumbs Rubber Duck slew the balloons, sucked out the helium and pretended she was Donald Duck.
Even with no opposable thumbs Rubber Duck slew the balloons, sucked out the helium and pretended she was Donald Duck.

These balloons suck. It is not like they are going to float out there and kill a hundred fish. But eventually they break down in the water into shiny bits and fish eat them. Turtles eat them. Birds eat them. So yes, you could be killing quite a few aquatic animals. Could someone tell Supermarkets in Gloucester they shouldn’t sell them? Worcester? Fine, chances are slim they make it to the coast. But not in a coastal community.

Give it up Rubber Duck.
Keep your day job Rubber Duck.

ps. WAZZAT #38, although many good guesses, remains unsolved.

pps. OMG I just realized it is Donna’s Birthday today!! Happy Birthday Donna. I will bring over the slain birthday balloons to celebrate. Since you are the queen of the 1 Hour At A Time Gang you will appreciate that they are no longer fouling our ocean and we can unceremoniously stuff them in a Gloucester DPW Yellow Bag!