EI Code @WeberGrills Performer Restore Update 6/29/16

More from Joey’s BBQ Blog –

More From Joey’s BBQ Blog –

Northeast BBQ

While Joey Ciolino  Works his welding magic to make the frame on this classic Performer rock solid I’ve been cleaning the lid,  gas assist cover and bottom rack.

First hit the lid with some dawn and 000 steel wool.

Before and After-


The Lid Vent Is Pretty Sweet Now-


The Gas Assist Cover Shined Up Nice With A Scotch Brite Pad

And Lastly The Bottom Grill Rack Buffed and Cleaned

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St Peter Fiesta Gloucester City hall carnival copyright Kim SmithPhotos from Thursday evening after the 5k race when the light and clouds were simply exquisite. Anyone else feeling the post-Fiesta blues? 

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival Patriot Nation copyright Kim SmithPatriot Nation

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival copyright Kim SmithSt Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -4 copyright Kim Smith St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -3 copyright Kim SmithYou’ll-Never-See-Me-On-This-Ride

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Pavillion Beach greasy Pole sunset -11 copyright Kim SmithAfter filming the 5k and the rides, I walked over to Pavilion Beach and caught a Seine boat practicing by the Greasy Pole in the very Fitz Henry Lane-like luminous atmosphere. It’s all captured on film and am fortunate that the one evening that I could film at the carnival, the twilight could not have been prettier. Viva!

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester sunset twilight Pavillion Beach copyright Kim Smith



Polyphemus Moths Mating copyright Kim SmithPolyphmeus Moth update ~ The evening of the day that Jane’s female Polyphemus Moth emerged, she found two males outside the net enclosure eager to get in and meet the female. Amazingly, the wild males had found the captive female by the pheromones that she began to release soon after emerging from her cocoon. The purpose of the male’s large and feathery antennae is to detect the females pheromones. This is the natural biological world functioning as it should, but I still find it so interesting and extraordinary!

Jane opened the door for the males and in the morning, discovered the female and one of the males mating. They stay coupled together for about a day. The female will begin to oviposit eggs almost immediately.



Polyphemus Moth cocoon. The hole at the end is from where the moth emerged. The cocoon is constructed of leaves wrapped around a cushion of spun silk. In the photo you can see the leaf structure and silk.

Polyphemus Moth cocoon copyright Kim Smith

Alicia Unleashed 31- Just the tip

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 31 with B-Side, Kevin Bacon, Alicia’s sister and Hostess Alicia Cox



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Summer Concert Series at Stage Fort Park Begins July 10

The Antonio Gentile Bandstand Summer Concert Series begins on Sunday, July 11, 2016, at 7:00pm, at the bandstand in Stage Fort Park, Hough Avenue, Gloucester, MA. The series of eight free outdoor concerts is celebrating its Thirtieth anniversary. For most of those years the concerts have been produced by David Benjamin, who promises another exciting season of varied musical styles played by top professional bands.

The concerts are sponsored in part by area businesses and individual sponsors. The opening concert on July 10, will feature the Continentals, a popular New England pop-rock band playing your favorite “oldies” and many current cover tunes. The Continentals rain date will be Friday, July 15, at 7pm. All other concerts feature a rain date of the following Wednesday evening.

This season marks a return of the Cape Ann Big Band (Aug. 21), the fantastic Beatles tribute band 4Ever Fab (Aug. 14) and Lee Lewis and the Doo Wop Allstars (Aug. 28). Other featured acts are: Grupo Fantasia (July 17), Compaq Big Band (July 24), Old Cold Tater with Chick & Ellen (July 31) and the Cape Ann Community Band (Aug. 28).

CapeAnnBigBand LeeLewis

For concert information please contact David Benjamin, Tel. 978-281-0543,
email: David@DavidLBenjamin.com or visit www.DavidLBenjamin.com,

Piping Plover fans: Local author Deborah Cramer on sandpipers is a must read. Oh, and Dogs vs.

Gloucester. Page one. Paragraph one.

From Deborah Cramer’s exceptional book, The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab, and Epic Journey:

“I used to go down to the edge of the creek near my home in Gloucester, Massachusetts, to look for spawning horseshoe crabs, their unfailing arrival sign that a hard winter was turning to spring. There were never very many; at most I’d find six or eight…”

“At the turn of the 19th century, hunters shot at least 5 million ibis, heron, and snowy, reddish and great egrets every year, taking their beautiful cascading plumage to adorn the hats of fashionable women. The nation’s first Audubon societies, the American Ornithological Union, and legislation prohibiting the hunting of migratory birds were born from this excess. Aristocratic Boston socialite Harriet Lawrence Hemenway found the carnage appalling. Over tea with her cousin Minna B. Hall, these mothers of conservation, poring over the Boston Blue Book with its list of Boston’s elite, enlisted 900 women of wealth and power to boycott feathered hats and formed the Massachusetts Audubon Society. The gorgeous birds are still with us.  Often, on an early autumn day, when the marsh by my home is turning a golden yellow and the air and water are still warm, I paddle by 20, 30, sometimes 50 or 60 or even 100 snowy egrets standing in the golden grass. Their absence now would leave a quieter, sadder landscape.” (p.26)

The tugging your heart set-up:

Among them were a few thousand russet-colored sandpipers, red knots. They raced along the shore, frantically grabbing scattered horseshoe eggs. Where had the knots come from that they were so desperately hungry? And how could a diet of tiny eggs, each the size of a pinhead, take them where they were going? They wasted no time: they’d flown more than 7,500 miles to get here, and in two weeks, they’d be flying 2000 more. And that was only half their journey…” p.2

On birds vs. people, joggers, dogs

“Nearby in Rio Grande, Argentina, where Harrington and Morrison found their largest concentration of knots more than 35 years ago, the birds are disappearing. By 2012 only 300 remained—a staggering loss of 94 percent. Rio Grande, growing out toward the sea and the edges of the Rio Grande River, crowded out the birds, leaving them fewer places to roost. They feed amid congestion, constantly interrupted by the commotion of off-road vehicles, dogs and people. Forced to take flight repeatedly, they lose precious refueling time. Minutes lost during one ebb tide on one day accumulate into hour upon hour as the season continues. So many times I’d walk the beaches at home, unconsciously flushing flocks of sandpipers at the tide line, taking pleasure as they circled out over the water and then landed farther down the beach, never thinking that disturbing them might make a difference.” Guilty.

New Jersey being nice:

One of the greatest challenges for knots is on their home ground. Niles began his career working for the State of New Jersey, helping acquire land to protect shorebirds. Today, long stretches of New Jersey bay beaches and wetlands are protected wildlife refuges. In the spring, the state closes most bay beaches for a few weeks when horseshoe crabs are spawning and shorebirds are feeding. ATVs, dogs, and throngs of bathers frighten the birds, who don’t always return and then can’t find the food they need. Before shorebirds arrive and after they depart, the beaches are open, but during May and early June, tape is strung across the entrances. Signs explain why. I have to admit that after driving to three closed beaches and wistfully gazing at long stretches of sand I couldn’t walk, I was tempted to duck under the tape. Instead, I accompanied a  couple of local anglers who, like me, were making their way up the coast looking for a beach. They were hoping to catch mullet for lunch. Longtime residents, they understood and accepted the closures. A 2013 study of compliance at New Jersey beach closures found that most people cooperate with and support them, with cooperation lowest among some joggers and dog walkers, who proceeded onto the beach anyway.” (p.80)

Don’t miss Kim Smith’s gorgeous Piping Plover Good Harbor Beach coverage. We’ve gone many mornings  with binoculars and cameras. Don’t bother–nothing matches her series! I’ll add in links.





Birthday Dinner at the Studio

Both boys have chosen, for a few years in a row, to have their birthday dinners at The Studio.  Finn’s was last week and it was as delicious as always.

Truffel fries, edamame, twin lobster rolls, fish tacos, and tuna + avocado maki rolls….with super yummy chocolate strawberries for dessert.