Swan pair flight Cygnus olor copyright Kim SmithTruly, one of the most beautiful sounds heard the world over is the sound that the wings of Mute Swans make when airborne. I call it vibrant throbbing wing beats. The highly audible sound of the wind through the wings is mesmerizing and it is the reason, or one of several reasons, why I became so interested in swans and why I decided to make a film about the swans of Cape Ann. No other species of swan’s wings make this sound, only Mute Swans.

As I am usually trying to capture the swans flying on film, I didn’t have any photographs of them in flight. Sunday afternoon I arrived at Niles just as Mr. Swan was chasing the new couple off his turf. I did not have time to get out my movie camera but did manage some snapshots. In the photo below you can see Mr. Swan is “busking;” his feathers are fluffed to their fullest to make himself look as large and threatening as possible to what he considers intruders upon his territory. This photo was taken moments after he chased the new couple to the harbor, returning to Niles to do a victory lap around the pond.  Swan Busking Cygnus immutabilis copyright Kim Smith

Video: Celebrate Walt Whitman’s 197th Birthday Today

Walt was born on May 31, 1819 and died on March 26, 1892. Among his greatest poems is Out of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking. The first stanza is 24 lines long and consists of a single grammatically correct sentence. I have attempted to capture the mood and import of that stanza in this short (5 minute) video.

My thanks to Rauol Pop <https://raoulpop.com&gt; for his permission to use his footage of a very vocal mockingbird.


Fiesta to Fiesta is it too early to countdown? 13 days, 17 days, 22 days

From the fiesta of Pentecost to St. Peter’s fiesta


Novena to St. Peter 

Monday, June 13 – Tuesday, June 21 2016
7:00 p.m. American Legion Hall 


Gloucester Public Schools out for summer

Friday, half-day,  June 17th 2016

St. Peter’s Fiesta five day festival event schedule is out

You can see the schedule posted at Cafe Sicilia and other businesses downtown. You can see an exhibit of and order a coffee table book, St. Peter’s Fiesta Through The Years, to help preserve this tradition.

Wednesday, June 22 – Sunday, June 26 2016

St Peter s


Farm to Table to Paper

More Cape Ann Dining news-


Farm to Table to Writing
A Special Workshop at the Gloucester Writer’s Center

Thursday, June 2nd
3:00 – 8:00 PM

Farm to table writing workshop.png

Farm to Table Workshop

Food. It’s literally what’s for dinner, breakfast, or lunch. It can be a lifestyle or even a moral or ethical choice. What should the fat, sugar, or sodium content be? Is it organic, conventionally raised, or genetically modified? So many choices, so many things to think about, so many possible dilemmas. Generally, though, when we think about food, writing doesn’t enter the picture beyond reading the words listed in recipes or employed in a review of the latest difficult-to-get-reservations-for restaurant.

That’s not the case for this workshop. Yes, it will involve food, but the focus will be on funneling our experience of food through writing. We’ll begin by gathering at the GWC and then going to opening day at the Gloucester Farmers’ Market, where we’ll talk…

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Mystery of the Little Free Library

A couple weeks ago I received this mysterious postcard in the mail with no return address, email or phone.  I drove by one morning before work and didn’t notice any “birdhouse” looking dwelling because I think I was looking for a shed size house since the note said “large”.   Since I love a good mystery I went back again tonight with back-up (husband Neil).


AND…there it was.   Just an adorable little box on a post!  (No, not a shed…I’m a little slow about the obvious lol!)  The LittleFreeLibrary.org is a unique personal community exchange of books where you can “Take a book – Return a Book”.  You don’t have to return the book you took, you are just asked to bring back a book to replace the one you took.   I love this idea, and when I went to the website I found an awesome world map where you can find one of 36000 LittleFreeLibraries worldwide!   I was thinking how fun it would be for a family with kids to venture out over the summer and see how many they can find!   Our LittleFreeLibrary is perfectly situated at 954 Washington Street, so you can stop and grab a book to take to the beach if you like (but don’t forget to bring one back!).



They have titles for all ages…



My favorite part of my visit (other than the amazing smelling Lilac bushes) was that they put a guest book inside for you to sign and make suggestions or comments!


How it all started:

The People Who Started the Movement
In the beginning—2009–Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, built a model of a one room schoolhouse. It was a tribute to his mother; she was a teacher who loved to read. He filled it with books and put it on a post in his front yard. His neighbors and friends loved it. He built several more and gave them away. Each one had a sign that said FREE BOOKS. Rick Brooks of UW-Madison saw Bol’s do-it-yourself project while they were discussing potential social enterprises. Together, the two saw opportunities to achieve a variety of goals for the common good. Each brought different skills to the effort. Bol was a creative artisan experienced with innovative enterprise models; Brooks was a youth and community development educator with a background in social marketing. They were inspired by many different ideas:
*Andrew Carnegie’s support of 2,509 free public libraries around the turn of the 19th to 20th century.
*The heroic achievements of Miss Lutie Stearns, a librarian who brought books to nearly 1400 locations in Wisconsin through “traveling little libraries” between 1895 and 1914.
*“Take a book, leave a book” collections in coffee shops and public spaces.
*Neighborhood kiosks, TimeBanking and community gift-sharing networks
*Grassroots empowerment movements in Sri Lanka, India and other countries worldwide.


Check out the website LittleFreeLibrary.Org to see the whole story or to start your own LittleFreeLibrary!

The New and Improved Mile Marker One

As is often my go-to on rainy weekend days, I headed to the pool at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort yesterday.  You have heard me say this before, but it is a total score if you are a parent of a  young child…especially ones that can swim confidently on their own.

We were there for a little over four hours, the kids swam, we ate lunch, and hung out with friends.

We always have great, easy, inexpensive fun there and that has only become better with their new and improved menu by the pool AND the great renovations outside!  Today I ordered the strawberry summer salad, the boys had the chicken tenders with the world’s BEST honey mustard, and we shared the cheese trio plate with havarti, manchego, and brie….and mango slaw + pita chips.

I love hanging out with the boys, but I can’t wait to go back hit the raw bar, have some yummy drinks, hear some music, and sit by the water with some friends too.

Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 5/31/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be http://www.capeanncommunity.com

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

I Have Some Free Rain Collection Barrels For Anyone That Would Like One

May 31, 2016 ~ Joey C

Come down the dock and do your part to capture that water from your roof to use when the water bans come! There are six total and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Captain Joe and Sons

95 East Main St

Gloucester MA

2016-05-31 05.31.45

Cape Ann Farmers Market Opens This Week June 2- October 13, 2016

Image ~ May 31, 2016 ~ modpodge16


Open Classroom at EPDS

May 31, 2016 ~ epdsfrontdesk

Come see a day in the life of an Eastern Point Day School student! We are having an Open Classroom this Wednesday, June 1st! 9:30 am to 11:30!

Meet our teachers, experience our curriculum and ask our kids why they love their school.

8 Farrington Ave. Kitty corner to Niles beach!

Call with questions 978. 283.1700 or email us anytime: info@easternpointdayschool.org


Do what makes you happy…

More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness news-

Cape Ann Wellness

Have you met your soul?

Ayurveda Wellness Healing encourages you stop, breathe and listen…as getting to the level of the soul is the key to all forms of healing.

Take the time to do what makes you happy – identify just one thing and make it a priority. Keep a journal and write down how things around you and in you start to change.

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 🙂




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Gray Catbird holly tree copyright Kim SmithMew, mew, mew coming from the trees overhead–my husband asks–“Are those catbirds making that dying cat sound.” Yes, honey, and we’re going to be hearing a great deal more of that cat call with this sweet Gray Catbird nest!

Discovered amidst the holly bush branches while giving the shrub a good pruning, the female was seen building the nest, with her mate supplying bits of straw and twigs for the nesting materials. The Gray Catbird is a frequent visitor to gardens. I swear, the day we planted blueberry bushes is the day the Catbirds began to call our garden their home. If you want Catbirds nesting in your garden, plant the foods they love, which include shadbush, holy, winterberry, and both high and low bush blueberries. And too if we don’t have any fruit ripening in the garden, I’ll place a bowl out on a table with berries from our frig (chopped into small bits), not only attracting Catbirds, but also Cardinals, Robins, and many of our other fine feathered friends.

Gray Catbird egg nest copyright Kim SmithOne pretty blue Catbird egg–on average, the female will lay four. Hopefully more are yet to come.

Gray Catbird copyright Kim Smith