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Snowy Egret Egretta thula copyright Kim Smith

It’s not often that a wild bird permits such a close encounter. The Snowy Egret was drinking, feeding, and bathing at the pond edge. At one point a noisy family appeared and began throwing stones into the water. All the Mallards swam toward the far end of the pond and the egret retreated up into the trees. As soon as the family departed, the ducks and Snowy returned to the beach, resuming business as usual.

Snowy Egret Egretta thula -12 copyright Kim Smith

Snowy Egrets forage on mostly aquatic animals including frogs, fish, crustaceans, worms, and insects. The vivid yellow feet are often used to probe in the mud for prey.

Running back and forth along the shoreline while hunting, several times plunging in and becoming completely submerged.Snowy Egret Egretta thula -14copyright Kim Smith

Snowy Egret Egretta thula -15 copyright Kim SmithDuring breeding season the Snowy Egret develops beautiful wispy curving plumes on its head and back. A great deal of time was spent smoothing and arranging its feathers.

Snowy Egret Egretta thula -13 copyright Kim SmithSlender and elegant, the Snowy appeared smaller than a duck when its neck was tucked in.

Snowy Egret Egretta thula -21 copyright Kim SmithSnowy Egret Egretta thula -11 copyright Kim SmithSpiraling to dry its feathers.

Heron feet copyright Kim Smith

Rocky Neck’s Excellent Music series to feature Guitar Master Kinloch Nelson!

kinloch nelson at cultural center

June 18, 2016 8:00PM

Tickets available on line at rockyneckartcolony.org and at the door, $25, $20 for RNAC Members

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Gloucester MA, June 3, 2016 —The Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC) is thrilled to welcome guitar master Kinloch Nelson for a solo concert at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center. Many will remember Kinloch when he stunned Gloucester’s infamous Rhumbline a few years ago with his phenomenally entertaining virtuosity and style!

Kinloch has been playing guitar for fun since 1956, seriously since 1968 and professionally since 1973. Born in 1950, Kinloch grew up during the high point of broadway-to-the-movies musicals, the blooming of TV with its youth-focused American Bandstand and emphasis on cowboys and Indians, the heyday of AM radio and the beginning of “underground” FM radio. The ever-expanding music landscape in these years served as the backdrop to Kinloch’s guitar explorations, and the foundation of a 45 year performance career playing folk, classical, R and B, rock, country, ragtime, and jazz music in bands, ensembles, and as a solo performer. Over the years Kinloch has played with such notables as Tom Paxton, Amos Garrett, Buddy Guy, and long-time influence Danny Gatton.

Recently Kinloch has been an in-demand player at the Healdsburg, Montreal, Newport, Miami and Woodstock Guitars Festivals. He can be heard as guitar demonstrator on the websites of noted guitar builders Ken Parker (Parker “Fly” Guitars), Bruce Petros (Acoustic Guitar Magazine award winner), Julius Borges (founder of Newport Guitar Festival), Bernie Lehmann, Bryan Galloup and David MacCubbin. Kinloch can be heard on Heartland Records, BKNjr Records, and Sampler Records. This is an evening of music not to be missed!


Alicia Unleashed Episode 27- To the Left, to the left.

Taped 6/5/2016 with Joey C, B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox. Single ladies put your hands up, Closet followers, Alicia Unleashed cost GMG subscribers, Joey #1 fan. Ghost Episode, We miss you Kyle, Kyle and her Southern Regions, Brave Face Off, Bridget’s Accent Nails, 3 Fingers, 1 Thumb. Shoutout to Erin at Couture-Dream Team. Bridget does physical labor,  Riverview Pizza-Must go! Ipswich Ale Brewery, SALT, Clown Shoes, Ipswich Time. Beach Stickers-did you get yours? Alicia only goes to Niles Beach, Bridget has a Mini Dog Park at her house, puppy friends. Get off Bridget’s Lawn! Bridget’s weekly street rant. Alicia drinks from a Fishbowl. Joey wants a Lolo Lid for Father’s Day. Alicia’s obsession with Sour Cream. Out of Towners start fights, Fights at Fiesta, Alicia is GOING OUT for FIESTA, Joey loves white shorts for the summer, Leggings and Yoga Pants. Bridget has nice legs, Bridget calls out Joey on women complimenting women. We are Proud of our Pride Flag at City Hall. Shoutout to Varian for their Pride Support. Joey gets distracted by Alicia signaling her dogs. We went off topic. Joey is a fan of Yoga Pants (we knew this already), Joey talks about Bridget’s issue with ladies not “Toe-Checking”, Joey does not like lacy undergarments. Do you know the term “Fast”? ***Turn your headphones down***Whiskey D is a thing. Joey has never seen Toe IRL, no need for pockets out the bottom of the shorts. Back on the Most Beautiful Women List, Sexiest Man Alive, Joey learns about Magic Mike. Female Strippers vs. Male Strippers. Athletic Body vs. Curvy, What is Curvy? Joey’s gotta Gut. Joey’s awkward stage up to age 20+. Wool Beanie Caps in 90 degrees, when did trendy Beards become a thing, Joey’s take on the Bacholorette finalist. Bridget spotted SKIDZ. Joey wants to give a Life Lesson Class and his advice to High School Graduates. DON’T PLAY GAMES. It’s BEY DAY. Spinach Dip. To the Left.  aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)



Help save the Fishtown Horribles Parade

We all look forward to bringing in the 4th with our families at the Horribles Parade on July 3rd, but most are blissfully unaware of how much it costs to pull it off each year!    We all need to do our share to make sure this parade continues.   You can donate to the FISHTOWN HORRIBLES GO FUND ME page or by sending your tax deductible donation to FISHTOWN HORRIBLES PARADE, PO Box 924, Gloucester, MA 01930 (Tax ID 04-2904097)

Please share the SAVE THE HORRIBLES GO FUND ME page with your friends on facebook!


Also stop by Jalapenos on June 8th from 4pm til close!  (Eat in or take out)   A portion of the proceeds will go toward the parade.


The 2016 Fishtown Horribles Parade is in serious danger of not happening this year!  Many of you around town gather on the 3rd of July along the 1.5 mile route that twist and turns through downtown Gloucester.  You all enjoy this great event with friends and family.  But most of you have no idea what it takes for this parade to be put on.

We are completely self-funded only receiving police support from the city.  The majority of our funding comes from the public the day of the parade.  You all know the kids with buckets bothering you to dig deep and give, about half way through the parade, yeah that’s where most of it comes from.  Well due to a multitude of issues we have had to turn to alternative ways of coming up with the necessary funds to pay for it.

But how much can a parade cost?   Well that’s a great question.

The official break down goes like this:
Bands 6-7 bands: $26,500
Parade Supplies: $2,068
(Trophies, Prizes, float decorations, food & water for volunteers etc…)
Parade Insurance: $630
Mailings: $400 (Donation letters for businesses local and corporate)
Permits: $25
Total: $29,623

So here we are asking you to dig deep and give. The day of the parade I ask for your change pennies, nickels, dimes I don’t care we accept all legal US tender. Today I am asking for more. How much more? Well that is up to you. How much is it worth to you to make those memories that happen around the parade? Because it’s not only about the parade but it’s about the memories we create and the traditions we carry on. Thank for taking the time to read this and thank you for supporting the parade.

Cape Ann Big Band Summer Concert on June 17th.

The Cape Ann Big Band will be hosting its only Spring/Summer Concert at the O’Maley Middle School on Friday June 17th at 7:00pm! 80% of all ticket sales will help fund new instruments and band room renovations at the Middle School. We’ll be featuring an opening set by the all new O’Maley School Jazz Ensemble! Come check these guys out!

Tickets on-sale here for $20. Seating is General Admission.

Don’t Miss It – Home Care Job Fair Tuesday, June 7th


Beautiful day to come down to ABC’s Gloucester Office between 10 and 5 today for our job fair. Come be a part of a great team that is helping to keep Cape Ann seniors safe at home.

Learn more at http://www.abchhp.com
More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness


Home Health Aides • CNA’s • Nursing Students • Homemakers • Cleaning and Chore Workers

Do you enjoying working with seniors in the Cape Ann area? Now is the perfect time to join ABC Home Healthcare at our job fair Tuesday, June 7th 10-5pm in our Gloucester Office at 281 East Main Street, Gloucester

Can’t make the date?  Join us Wednesday, June 8th in Danvers at the Peabody Institute Library 10-5 or call us at 781-914-3282 to apply and still be eligible for the sign-on bonus!

On-site Interviews • Sign-on Bonus • Door Prizes
Dunkin Donuts Gift Card for All Applicants!

Learn more at ABC Home Healthcare

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Twin Lobster Half Marathon

A rainy, foggy Sunday didn’t stop over 600 runners from hitting the streets of Gloucester for the Twin Lobster Half Marathon yesterday morning!   13.1 Miles from GHS around the backshore and back.


My daughter Lindsey and her fiance Jon were also running…this being Lindsey’s first 13.1 mile run, Jon was there to support and encourage!


AND of course the Mathews Clan was there to cheer them and the rest of the runners on at Mile 7!


Great Day at the Cox Reservation

The boys and I explored the Cox Reservation the other day and attended the Intro to Geocaching class that I mentioned in my “Picks” post.  While the fun of hunting for geocaches isn’t really new to us, we had a great time joining a small group of other attendees and hunting for some hidden boxes with some “professionals.”

The Essex County Greenbelt boasts tons of great properties that are always offering a large variety of fun and educational activities.

Check them out HERE

It’s Official: Rusty Shatford Is Large and In Charge at Fort Square Cafe!

More Cape Ann Dining News-


Swing By and Show Rusty Some Love And Thanks To Heidi, We Hope You Have Great Success On Bearskin Neck

Fort Square Cafe

29 Commercial St, Gloucester, MA 01930


Eric Schwartz Photo

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