Rainbow flag raising Gloucester Mayor Romeo Theken copyright Kim SmithRainbow flag raising City Hall Gloucester MA -1 copyright Kim SmithContinuing in the City’s tradition of supporting diversity, liberty, and freedom for all, Gloucester is celebrating Pride Month throughout June, beginning with today’s flag raising ceremony. Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken was joined by House Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, Senator Bruce Tarr, City Councilors Melissa Cox and Sean Nolan, a representative from Representative Seth Moulton’s office, and many people from the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

The flag was donated by Gloucester resident Alasandra McClellan.

Rainbow Flag Gloucester MA copyright Kim Smith copy



Not really gross, but actually quite beneficial!

Song Sparrow eating caterpillars copyright Kim Smith

Through my camera’s lens, I thought this sweet little Song Sparrow was hopping around with a breakfast of leaves until downloading the photos. Rather, his mouth is stuffed with what appears to be the larvae of the Winter Moth, those annoying little green caterpillars that dangle from trees, which pupate into the dreaded adult Winter Moths, which are destroying trees and shrubs throughout the region. So, thank you Song Sparrow!

The Song Sparrow was most likely bringing the caterpillars to its nestlings. Although adult Song Sparrows prefer seeds, to a newly hatched bird a plump juicy green caterpillar is easy to digest and rich in nutrients. As a matter of fact, most songbirds rear their young on insects. The Song Sparrow photo illustrates yet another reason why it is so important not to spray trees with pesticides and herbicides. When a landscape is pesticide free, a natural balance returns. Insects are bird food!

Hobbit House Studio is Open

Revelation series exhibit.jpg

For the time being, Thursday through Sunday, noon to 6:00 or when the open flag is out, or my door is open. Come by and see the Revelation Series paintings. As everyone who has seen them says: “They are amazing and profound.” Also, the new book “Revelation of Unspeakable Love” is here, for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible, without having to wade through the whole book (although everyone should). Come by and see and visit.

E.J. Lefavour


Acclaimed Ed Emberley coming to Cape Ann Community Cinema for Cape Ann Reads!

**NEW** Partner organization Cape Ann Community Cinema & Stage announced two super special events in celebration of Cape Ann Reads at the end of the summer. Save the dates!

SATURDAY AUGUST 27, 2016  (@ 2:30pm) Come to Cape Ann Community & Stage for an afternoon with acclaimed author illustrator Ed Emberley and his wife Brenda. Emberley  has published close to 100 books. He collaborated with his wife on earlier works including the 1968 Caldecott winning Drummer Hoff,  and more recent books with his daughter, Rebecca, such as Chicken Little and Red Hen.


THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2016  CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS: THE LIVE EXPERIENCE at Cape Ann Community Cinema & Stage. This annual event is ramped up with local talent and a one-of-a-kind multimedia performance extravaganza, just in time for the 32nd Schooner festival weekend and closing out the 8th Annual Cape Ann Film Festival.




Cape Ann Reads events are listed on the awesome Good Morning Gloucester arts calendar. For all the latest information and more details, check the Cape Ann Reads website.  Additional programs are added to the calendar. Cape Ann Reads is a collaboration among the Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library, Manchester Public Library, Rockport Public Library and TOHP Burnham Library in Essex and regional partners.


If You Ever See One of My Kids Doing This…

Please keep in mind this post comes from a humble mother, whose son had a trip to the ER for stitches doing something similar…on a MUCH smaller scale….when he was with me. So, this post isn’t a holier-than-thou-for-pete’s-sake-watch-your-kids-I-don’t-make-any-mistakes kind of post.

So…if you EVER see one of my kids screaming full throttle…smack down the middle of South Street in Rockport at 7:35 (meaning DUSK) on a scooter…with no helmet… like the young man that I had to swerve to miss last night…. please, please do your best to make him stop.

This particular young man…and I have no idea who he was…scared the day lights out of me, but also could have been really, really hurt.  I’m not even necessarily meaning hurt by a vehicle, but hurt by something as simple as a pebble or a crack in the pavement that could have sent him flying through the air.

Oddly enough, I just had to have a reminder with my older son after watching a Go Pro video that he shot while biking around our neighborhood. I could tell by the video that he wasn’t looking over his shoulder to survey for cars behind him before crossing to the other side of the street.  I’m so glad that I was able to show him the video to reinforce the lesson.  Likewise, watching that boy last night gave me the opportunity to tell them what not to do, but I know they won’t always listen.

Sigh.  Be careful kids.  Please.



Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 6/3/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be http://www.capeanncommunity.com

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

11th Staged Readings: 10-Minute Plays at Rocky Neck Cultural Center

June 3, 2016

11th Staged Readings:  10-Minute Plays at Rocky Neck Cultural Center

Six ten minute plays written by participants in M. Lynda Robinson’s workshop at the Gloucester Writers Center will be presented at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center on Sunday, June 12, at 6pm with a reception to follow.  The playwrights are:  Shep Abbott, Jeana Grady, Ann McArdle, David McCaleb, Flinda Nix, M. Lynda Robinson, and Stan Spencer.

The GWC welcomes this opportunity to bring together writers and audience as a community event.  The writers and professional local actors will present a lively show and are looking forward to response and feedback from the audience as part of developing their works from page to stage.  Providing a space in the community for voices to be heard through writing, dialogue, and the artistic process is a big part of the GWC’s mission.  Suggested donation for the event is $10, $5 for students, and no one turned away for lack of funds.  Find out more about the Gloucester Writers Center at www.gloucesterwriters.org


Crossing a River of Tears: Prayer and Action for Refugees Saturday June 4, St John’s Episcopal Church

Image ~ June 3, 2016


Adult Sailing Open House At Sandy Bay Yacht Club June 10th

Image ~ June 3, 2016