St. Peter’s Novena ~ Final night procession

To me, this night is the official kick-off to St. Peter’s Fiesta!  The Rosary, followed by Mass then the first procession of St. Peter down to Beach Court and then St. Peter rests in the club until he is brought to the Altar on Friday.  BLM_9825-Edit

St. Peter’s got some new landscape on Beach Court with The Beauport and it’s red and green glowing lights.

St. Peter will rest after his 9 day Novena until he is processed to the Altar on Friday
My beautiful daughter Abbey showing my niece Aubrey her first procession
One last seine boat out on the water after sunset
Jacoby Numerosi helping to pick up the screws that hold St. Peter on his pedestal. Train them young 😀

BLM_9424-Edit BLM_9714-Edit BLM_9732-Edit BLM_9754-Edit BLM_9776-Edit BLM_9789-Edit BLM_9861-Edit BLM_9865-Edit BLM_9884-Edit

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Thunderstorms clearing over #GloucesterMA Harbor. Looks like a #fishing day after all. #Lobster #lobstercompany


Here’s Tuffy and Forest at 4:45AM

Live With Peter Favazza At The St. Peter’s Club Changing The Drapery Of St. Peter Statue Window! 

When You see Peter Favazza this weekend be sure to thank him for the new “Custom Draperies” adorning the St. Peter Statue Window at the St. Peter’s Club on Roger Street Gloucester Ma. Peter started this tradition of dressing St. Peters Window years ago, as a thank you to St. Peter for granting his personal Petition. The Fiesta community thanks you Peter for your beautiful heart and commitment to this beautiful anunal tradition! Your Lady friends from Vegas did an amazing job creating this years drapes with fabric made in Italy. The window is simply Gorgeous!

Gig-A-Might Ladies Seine Boat 2nd Heat WINNERS!

More Cape Ann Community News

Cape Ann Community

Start of RaceGig-A-Might TeamJust Before Start of Race
Captain – Jenny Fremont
Scutler – Anthony Giambanco
Jessica Biker
Annette Grimes
Sally Huss
Sarah Smith
Cindy Perry
Stephanie Swanson
Rosie Benson
Melissa Cox
Tracy Lowthers
Nicole Andrade
Photo Credit:  Bill Bougas
Please join us Friday June 24th on Pavilion Beach at 4:30pm for the Ladies Seine Boat FINALS!!! Viva San Pietro!!

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Fiesta & the Beauport Gloucester Hotel

More Cape Ann Dining News-


Please follow Beauport Gloucester Hotel on Facebook for additional updates to the hotel’s policies and procedures regarding having a safe, comfortable, and fun time at the hotel during Fiesta this week. Happy Fiesta everyone!all 1 about fiesta final JPG

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Awesome Gloucester Grant – Little Free Library

The Little River Little Free Library was the winner at the most recent Awesome Gloucester Pitch Night, receiving $1000 from the local micro grant foundation to build install and maintain a Little Free Library at Stubby Knowles Landing on Essex Avenue. This free lending library is part of a national movement and joins other LFL’s in Essex and Bay View as a community resource. Watch for more around the city. 

Each month the Gloucester chapter of the Awesome Foundation solicits proposals from the community and chooses the top three to attend a public Pitch Night on the evening of the third Monday. Submitters make their case before the 20 local trustees who have each donated $50 toward the monthly award. The top vote getters walk away with $1000 in cash. Proposals to make Gloucester more awesome can be made at Awesome Gloucester.



Ice Trampoline Challenge – Who is up for it?

Our son John came up with this challenge the other day with @ 10 LB of Cape Pond Ice but this time they bumped up the challenge with 40LB of ice.  Melissa Cox has agreed to the the Ice Trampoline Challenge after Fiesta – anyone else up for the Challenge?  John will shot, edit and post your Trampoline Ice Challenge Video.

If you want to see more of John’s videos (including Gloucester GoPro videos) subscribe to his Youtube Channel here.  Please like his videos too


Shuttle Smiles-1604

IMG_9963 - CopyAiden Cunha first mate on the Lady Jillian of Cape Ann Harbor Tours, with Captain Pete provide an educational and enjoyable ride around the Gloucester Harbor.   Aiden was recently recognized for his scholastic achievements at the Gloucester High School.  



Jones Creek

The one and only Finn turned 7 yesterday and was very clear about how he wanted to spend the day.  Soccer camp, ice cream, bike riding, paddling boarding, and sushi.  We added the Summer Solstice as a bonus.  Why not.

While the whole day was pretty great, my favorite part of it all was taking the SUPs to Jones Creek and having some quality time with the birthday boy.  With Thatcher off at sailing lessons, Finn and I were able to spend some time on the river, hunt for crabs, and enjoy the view.