GloucesterCast 156 With Kerry McKenna, Mark McDonough, @CapeAnnPainter, @KimSmithDesigns , Big Tony, and Host @Joey_C

GloucesterCast 156 With Kerry McKenna, Mark McDonough, Paulie Walnuts, @KimSmithDesigns , Big Tony, and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:Topics Include: Dine Out Cape Ann, Serenitee Restaurant Group Reward card Just Giving Stuff Away All the Time Sign Up Here, The LED Debate, Lighthouse Garage Demolition and Kim’s Research, EJ’s Cormorant Migration Post, Lots of Cruise Ships Lately, Adult Coloring Books Are All the Rage.



156 GMG Podcast Joe Ciaramitaro mark McDonough ©Kim Smith 2015

3 thoughts on “GloucesterCast 156 With Kerry McKenna, Mark McDonough, @CapeAnnPainter, @KimSmithDesigns , Big Tony, and Host @Joey_C

  1. I will be trying the new restaurant in Winchester on Wednesday night – have heard nothing but rave reviews….as a Winchester resident my whole life I have been hoping for a good place to go – I love the Gloucester connection – Kerry McKenna Logan was a classmate of my kids….also my brother lives and is very active in Gloucester – and I have spent a lot of time in that area. My granddaughter from Syracuse was married in Gloucester (Bass Rock CC) and if we all had our way we would be living down there but with the new restaurant in Winchester – it will have to do.


  2. I got a brain cramp trying to listen to the LED conversation in the pod cast. Not sure what Paul F is talking about the four bleeding into each other. You can stand underneath each and clearly see the separation and difference between the bulbs.

    LED #1: this one is the worst. It is a blue 4000K awful glaring single LED bulb. You look up at it and look away and the single bulb is seared into your brain. If I lived across the street I would have shot it out days ago.

    LED #2: Less blue, likely a 3000K with 3 LEDs in a row. Passable.

    LED #3: Less blue again probably a 3000K with 4 LED bulbs. Also passable. Might have liked this one the best but need to go back and look at #2 and #3 in the black of night.

    LED #4: Another bright one, must be the other 4000K with 4 LED lights. This one is better than #1 but still has the glare of #1. The poor house underneath I could easily read the mattress tag in their bedroom. I would have shot this one out too.

    What cannot really be seen is that #1 and #4 might seem brighter but really might effectively be less safe since they glare so much. The blue scatters out into the sky creating useless light. They seem brighter but the light is a waste. It is the reason why the sky is blue. Blue light scatters.

    Anecdotal story: They closed a bridge in Pennsylvania last week because the Mayflies were attracted to the new 4000K LED bridge lights. Drivers could not cross because there were so many bugs. Covered windshields. Got out of cars and could not breathe without eating mayflies. The DPW had to snowplow four foot drifts of dead mayflies off the bridge.
    Take home message: the high Kelvin 4000 LEDs completely suck for you, me, nocturnal, bugs and creatures and also the Milky Way.


  3. I was away for business and missed some posts and the paper. But thanks to the podcast! — Dine Out Cape Ann last night and made plans to go with friends two other nights. Good energy!


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