GloucesterCast 156 With Kerry McKenna, Mark McDonough, @CapeAnnPainter, @KimSmithDesigns , Big Tony, and Host @Joey_C

GloucesterCast 156 With Kerry McKenna, Mark McDonough, Paulie Walnuts, @KimSmithDesigns , Big Tony, and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:Topics Include: Dine Out Cape Ann, Serenitee Restaurant Group Reward card Just Giving Stuff Away All the Time Sign Up Here, The LED Debate, Lighthouse Garage Demolition and Kim’s Research, EJ’s Cormorant Migration Post, Lots of Cruise Ships Lately, Adult Coloring Books Are All the Rage.



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Kim Smith Monarch Butterfly Program at the Sawyer Free Library

Dear Friends,

Please join us at the Sawyer Free Library on Thursday November 12th at 7:30 pm for my Monarch butterfly program. I am especially, especially excited to present to our community. I hope to see you there! Please note that this is my photo and lecture program, not the new film, which will be coming soon.

For more information visit my website Kim Smith Designs.

Special thanks to Valerie Marino at the Sawyer Free for creating the program flyer!


Plum Island from Steep Hill, Steep Hill from Plum Island

steep hill at crane estate

Spent the day Saturday re-exploring my old stomping grounds from years living in Newbury and on Plum Island.  After shooting Crane Estate and Plum Island from the top of Steep Hill, we made our way to the end of Plum Island Refuge and shot Steep Hill from there.  It looks a lot closer when you are just looking across the water, but it was an enjoyable adventure.  I’d forgotten how much I love that area.

E.J. Lefavour

Video: @STOKGrills Rib and Kabob Insert Unboxing and Grill Set Up For Smoking Pork Ribs Part I

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Demonstrating the STOK Charcoal Drum Set Up For Smoking Pork Ribs Using The STOK Insert System Rib and Kabob Insert





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Passports Restaurant Gloucester swordfish©Kim Smith 2015There are so many delicious appetizers and entrees to choose from at Passports, and all are very reasonably priced. On a recent visit my husband had melt-in-your mouth swordfish, grilled to perfection, served with super yummy scalloped potatoes, and a medley of veggies, all for only NINETEEN dollars. For the first course, I had the special French onion soup, which was not too salty as is so often the case; it was perfect and really hit the spot. Although an appetizer, for the main course I next had the fried oysters, which IMO are the absolute best around, hands down, without a doubt. We love the the always friendly and welcoming wait staff at Passports and our dinner was made especially outstanding by Sally!

Open for lunch and dinner, with community events happening often and throughout the week, make Passports one of your regular go-to dining spots!Passports fried oysters Gloucester Restaurant ©kim Smith 2015