Pork Loin-Cheap and Underrated On The Que

Started out with a 2 lb pork loin on the pit, setting it up using the snake method.  I learned something on this cook as I only lit 10 briquettes instead of a whole chimney and lit the fuse on one end letting it work it’s way around the perimeter of the kettlewhile having the cast iron pan set up with some atomic buffalo turds and triple smoked bacon which I’d let go for an hour or so to get all that good bacon fat into the pan for the brussel sprouts that I’d put on when the internal temp of the pork was 10 degrees away from when I wanted to pull it off (130 degrees).  Brussel sprouts are cheap and so damn easy to cook and delish!  After pulling the buffalo turds off there was a nice coating of bacon fat to cook the brussel sprouts in.  The baked potato went he same time as the pork loin.

After I pulle th eloin and the baked potato I let he loin rest for a half hour to let the juices redistribute throughout the loin.  Then cut up pork slices to put on a potato bun with a sauce that is my new favorite- Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold.  Look for it!




Essex Salt Marsh Great Marsh Panorama ©Kim Smith 2015Driving past the Essex Salt Marsh during Tuesday’s dissipating fog, I could not help but stop to take a panorama. The view reminded me of a photo from this past March 12th, a sight I’m not quite ready to embrace. Can’t it be warm and balmy for another month, oh please Weather Goddess, just one more month!essex-salt-marsh-©kim-smith-2015

Extra extra! Read all about it!

Excellent service should always be recognized!


Did you know The Studio Restaurant’s menu is half off today and Friday? And yes that includes Sushi!

We went and had the best waitress! Her name is Danielle and you definitely should ask for her!






Almost worth having knee surgery

Sista Felicia is the best.  She is so considerate and thoughtful, she brought Rick and I a wonderful and yummy meal on Wednesday night since my knee is the size of an elephant’s knee.  Felicia brought over, butter squash soup, salad, bread and a wonderful salad.  Thank you so much our friend.

20151014_182757 chicken potatoes salad

20151014_181237 buttersquash soup

Greg Verga to Run Write-In Campaign for Councilor At-Large

Standard GMG Disclaimer:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates.  We do not back politicians but do post candidacy announcements.

Greg Verga to Run Write-In Campaign for Councilor At-Large


Since the Mayoral preliminary election, I have heard from many, many citizens both in person and online urging me to run on a write-in bid to retain my Councilor-at-Large seat. It is truly humbling to be urged by my constituents again and again to fight for my seat and continue to serve the City of Gloucester.

After much reflection and discussion with family and friends I have decided that I will run a write-in campaign to remain your Councilor-at-Large. I cannot ignore the needs of the constituents whom I have served for so many years.

We are now 20 days away from the election. In order to build on the grassroots support I have already received, I will work each day to get my message out leading up to November 3rd. I will remain as accessible and transparent as I have always been as both a City Councilor and School Committee member l and everyone in Gloucester to check on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WriteInGregVerga daily for how everyone can help. People can also reach me at 978-325-3523.

Each ballot will allow for the opportunity to vote for up to 4 candidates for Councilor-at-Large. I hope that each voter includes writing in Greg Verga on their ballot come November 3rd. I urge each citizen in Gloucester to commit to doing this and reaching out to others as well. I want to continue to serve our wonderful City and intend to for another term with your help.

Councilor-at-Large Greg Verga

“Sax” Gordon @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party…The joint will be jumpin at The Rhumb Line tonight! 8:30-11:30pm 10.15.2015

dave sag bw rl

Dave says,

We’re going to reach terminal velocity this week, so if you got plans to stay home and iron your underwear, better go to confession and plan on destroying your liver instead.
Firstly, Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle returns to the Rhumb Line stage this Thursday. My favorite guest star, if you haven’t seen or heard of him, you must crawl out from under that rock that you’ve been hiding and put on your sailing shoes! This guy will tear your tonsils out with his own unique brand of saxophone mayhem. Always gets the crowd going wild. Not only that, but Ed “Ed” Scheer, my favorite four-on the-floor frontman and drummbler, will be holding down the beat and handling vocal duties. Furthermore, Mr. Pete Henderson makes a rare appearance as a foil and catarrhist of note. I can’t wait!




The Mecca for live music!
40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


“Mother Ann” on a Beautiful Day


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mother Ann is a rock formation located near the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States.  When viewed at the correct angle, the formation appears to be the silhouette of a reclining Puritan woman.  It is also believed locally that the formation represents the royal mother of King Charles I,  Anne of Denmark, after whom Cape Ann is named.

The formation may have been named by Captain William Thompson of Salem in 1891, and has since been compared to New Hampshire’s Old Man in the Mountain.[3] A nearby whistling buoy is known as “Mother Ann’s Cow”.

Featured stopover on the drive to Baltimore from New Jersey … Fort Square Cafe

Last Sunday at the Fort Square Cafe … ran across some friends at breakfast. They were on their way to Baltimore from New Jersey. No kidding! On the right, Caitlin Warr, aerial ballet artist from Missoula, MT, now living in LA, was about to do a photo shoot aloft on the THOMAS E LANNON. Eve Brem from Switzerland is the photographer. Bryan Ruegg, holding a calendar featuring Caitlin flying over schooners, and his father Tom Ruegg did the driving. They are all racing on sch ADVENTURER in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (GCBSR) from Baltimore to Portsmouth, VA starting Oct. 16th. 

ADVENTURER, from Easton, MD was first (again) in the medium class this year in the Gloucester Schooner Race, and has often been first in class in the challenging GCBSR.  Last year at the GCBSR Awards/Pig and Oyster Roast Caitlin Warr wowed us with her daring, fluid moves from high aloft.

Al Bezanson

ADVENTURER crew, Fort Square Cafe

Nichole’s Picks 10/17 + 10/18

Once again we have what is called a “No Brainer” for fun family activities.  So much so, in fact, that I’m only giving you two options.  Between Rockport’s Awesome HarvestFest and Salem’s Fantastic (albeit creepy) Haunted Happenings you should be all set.  If you’re still finding yourself with free time get outdoors and take a hike or head to one of the dozen or so phenomenal apple picking locations and get yourself some cider donuts!

Pick #1  Rockport HarvestFest

Scarecrow judging, live music, food, beer (yes, beer in Rockport), cooking demonstrations, tons of family activities, AND a BLOCK PARTY on Bearskin Neck.  Come on, seriously!  Can you think of anything more fun?

HarvestFestflyer2015 harvestfest3

Read More About HarvestFest HERE

Pick #2  Haunted Happenings in Salem

Ok, so I can’t lie.  I have never taken my boys into Salem to appreciate any of the mayhem that is the “Month of Halloween.”  This is the year, however, that I fully intend to go!  I almost made it last year, but our weekends are just, what I’ve come to call, “No Joke Busy.”

Here is a link for all of your Haunted Happenings Needs!  Totally check it out!



For a more comprehensive list of family activities, visit our friends at North Shore Kid

Community Stuff 10/15/15

Gloucester U “Tuesday Talk” with Carrie Stack on 10/20

Please join us for our next Gloucester U “Tuesday Talk” on 10/20

The talk begins at 2:15 in the Gloucester High School library, with refreshments. All students, parents, staff, teachers and community members are invited.

On Tuesday 10/20, Carrie Stack, M.Ed., Founder of the SayYes Institute in Salem, certified life coach, author and motivational speaker will join us at 2:15 to share ideas and stories about how to act professionally in college and job interviews, when networking for jobs, and generally in life when meeting new people and encountering challenging situations. Learn important “people” skills strategies to build positive relationships in your life!