GloucesterCast 154 With Guests @KimSmithDesigns, @Donnaard, Big Tony, Toby Pett and Host @Joey_C Taped 10/11/15

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 154 With Guests @KimSmithDesigns, @Donnaard, Big Tony, Toby Pett and Host @Joey_C Taped 10/11/15

Topics Include:

Bernice Blitz wins this weeks podcast subscriber contest

Coyote Attacks An Adult Human Being On Eastern Point ,Cape Ann Artisans Fall Tour Ends Monday Night at 5PM, Greg Verga considering a write in campaign, Black Mass reviews from Kim and Joey,, John Cougar Mellencamp 64 dating Christy Brinkley 61, Mayoral Arts and Culture Debate Review From Kim Smith, Ben Richardson From Gloucester to Head US Sailing program For The US Olympics, Toby Has Difficulty Answering A Yes Or No Question and Walks Out,  Eric Lorden Pool Table Power Move Discussion



Somebody pinch me

Somebody pinch me. Out of work in time to catch the second half of the Pats game. No one home but me. A bowl of leftover Duckworth lobster risotto. A cold colors light. My fuzzy robe and my ugg slippers. Are you kidding me right now? #missyoukate

World Class Healing Artist Christine Tulis – In the area for a Limited Time!

Former Gloucester resident and frequent visitor Christine Tulis will be offering her unique healing sessions combining massage therapy, advanced bodywork techniques, sound, energy healing and essential oils at the Linden Tree Inn, 26 King Street Rockport on select days beginning Thursday, October 15 through Sunday, November 22.

For those who venture over the bridge she will also be offering sessions at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts.

Description of Sessions

Inner Peace Bodywork: Slip into deep peace and relaxation while receiving the finest in massage therapy and advanced bodywork techniques for pain relief, rejuvenation and healing. $110 (1 hour).

Celestial Gate Bodywork: A flowing blend of massage, advanced bodywork and vibrational healing with acutonics tuning forks. Deeply rejuvenating and restorative. $150 (1.5 hours) or $200 (2 hours).

Anointing with Holy Oils: An exquisite sacred experience combining holy oils (blessed essential oil blends), energy work, sound healing and live angel harp. Anointing is an ancient, spiritual healing art which attunes you to the radiant, sacred presence at your core. $225 (2.5 hours).

For more information and to book your session visit Booking link is on the “Buy Sessions & CD’s” page.

HEALING ARTIST Cape Ann Fall 2015Testimonials

“This was one of the most amazing healing experiences I’ve ever had! The combination of touch, angelic sound healing and sacred oils was Divine.

Christine is a glowing soul with a unique and special gift. Thank You!”  J.G.

“The first time in two years my leg has not hurt all day…beyond amazing.

I have been having massage every week and begging to get deep work done but it has not been touched until Christine got to me and in one visit! I am so pleased to have any relief…imagine a whole day pain free after excruciating pain for two years. Christine gives the best massage you will EVER GET not just angelic but productive, not just divine but medicinal, not just tender but deep & thorough.” K.M.

“Christine’s work is superb. Only someone with her mastery level of experience could craft a healing treatment of such depth. Her centering presence, deep stillness, fantastic massage, attunement to my stresses (without telling her even) and sound healing takes it over the top. She is a world class practitioner”. C.B.

“What a peaceful experience. Getting lost in the most beautiful harp music and singing in the background, then letting all my muscles relax while the vibrational therapy resolves back and arm issues. I have had a massage from 4 other therapists and NOTHING compares to the magic that Christine puts into a session. Maybe that’s why I always book at least a couple of sessions each time Christine comes back home to MA to visit old friends.” J.H.


In addition to her nationally renowned healing sessions Christine is an award winning healing music composer, harpist and singer. She will be doing a Healing Harp Concert at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center on Saturday, November 7 at 7:30 pm joined by Kem Stone and Stan Strickland.

Tickets are $20 in advance and at the door space permitting. Reserve your seats on the Calendar page of

Christine Tulis is the Founder of Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Massachusetts native, she has been in practice for over 25 years and delights in sharing her musical gifts and healing arts as her contribution to promoting a conscious, heart centered culture.

Get the 2015 Cape ann Artisans Tour Today! Brochure & Map Here October 10, 11 & 12 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily

October 10, 11 & 12
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily


Cape Ann Artisans are part of a vibrant arts community, located along the scenic North Shore of Massachusetts that includes three important cultural districts. For the past two years Gloucester has been named one of the country’s top ten Art Destinations by American Style Magazine. Come visit us, explore our exquisite natural surroundings and see the fine art and craft that they inspire. Many Artisans are open year round; during nontour times please call for an appointment to view our work.

Get the 2015 Brochure & Map – enter raffle to win a gift certificate!


Where the Sidewalk Begins- Walk this way again Railroad Ave

Hi Joey,

A sidewalk returns to Railroad Avenue. Some call it place making or Smart Growth. I say sometimes it’s nice to turn back time. Look at the old postcard image. We are lucky to have some of the same wide streets. Clean sidewalks – they’re great for residents. Great for commuters. Easier for families. Thank you DPW! It looks beautiful. I hope it inspires Shaws to match it up on the other side.

Bonus: It’s easier than ever to #strideby the Jeff Weaver mural at Ben’s Wallpaper and Paint and have a closer look. That mural changes now and again.

20151004_062904dale avenue city hall 2IMG_4483

Cape Ann Challenger Hockey

CAYH is sponsoring is a new program, Challenger Hockey, to introduce boys and girls with developmental disabilities to adaptive ice hockey.

This developmental program is FREE and designed for children between the ages of 6-16. Skates and equipment will be provided.

The program will run on Saturdays @ 2pm starting October 10, 2015 and running till November 21, 2015. (No session held on November 14th).

1st week: Introductory program to initiate and confirm child’s interest.

2nd – 5th weeks: Instructional development based on USA Hockey Development Program.

Instructions and coaching will be done primarily by High School-age mentors under the supervision of adult coaches. The focus will be on customized training to the individual participant.


Sawyer Free Library Stuff!

Cape Ann Community

The Matz Gallery Artist for October is Kathleen George

KathleenGeorge“These paintings depict images of the imagination, but are inspired by the obvious roiling beauty of the North Shore. Each piece is made using acrylic paint over sanded wood, layered many times and then hand-framed. Additionally, the abstract paintings are an experiment using copper leaf, torn and pressed to wood, then painted over with acrylic. All art is for sale. Please contact the artist at” Thanks for viewing!”

Events This Week:

GReadsPoetry Poetry reading on Thursday October 15. 7-9pm

DogTown Days2 The library and Cape Ann Museum are having a “Dogtown Weekend”. Lecture and reception on Saturday, Dogtown tours on Sunday.

We are also hosting a resume writing workshop on Thursday October 15 from 9:30am – 12 noon, in collaboration with the North Shore Career Center:

Gloucester Workshop

And in The Children’s Library:HalloweenCrafts15

Drop in between 3:30 and 5pm  on Wednesday October 14…

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