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Power Yoga works, and it works best when you do it a lot. David and Elizabeth DeAngelis have seen lives transformed from this practice and know that it works for everyone who is willing to unroll their mat.

Cape Ann Power Yoga is rolling out a new incentive program – Early Riser Rewards. We’ll make this winter your best yet! From Fall Back to Spring Ahead your dedication will earn you even more opportunity.

Take three early morning classes in a week and earn a free class! 

The incentive runs from November 2 to March 13 and the week is counted from Monday to Sunday. Our EXCELLENT team is at the studio seven early mornings a week, ready to support your growth.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 5:30-6:30 with Johnna Huntsman

Tuesday and Thursday – 6:00-7:00 with Kim Lorden

Saturday and Sunday – 7:00-8:30…

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Semipalmated plover ©Kim Smith 2015Semipalmated Plover and Sanderling

Last week after presenting my Pollinator Garden program in Orleans and visiting the Nauset lighthouses, the next stopover was to my grandparent’s beach in Dennis, or I should say, the beach where my family summered as our grandparents are no longer living. It was close to sunset and I had the overwhelming wish to watch the sun go down from the same place where we perched atop the bluff and had watched the sunset thousands of times as children. It was more than a little dismaying upon arriving to see my Grandmother’s glorious seaside garden gone, replaced by grass, but even more so, to see that the great stairwell and wild rose-lined path to the beach, once enjoyed by all the neighbors, had been privatized. Despite all that and feeling very melancholy, I had a lovely walk along the shore, watched the spectacular sunset from the cliff’s edge, and came upon a gorgeous mixed flock of shore birds. They stayed awhile resting and feeding in the surf at the high tide line and none-too-shy, allowed for both filming and photographing in the fading rosy light.

 Black-bellied Plover ©Kim Smith 2015JPGI believe these are Black-bellied Plovers in their winter plumage. Not only were they standing on one leg, they also run, or hop, along the beach at top speed, on one leg!

Sanderling Dennis Cape Cod ©Kim Smith 2015Sanderling

Dennis MA Cape Cod sunset -2 ©Kim Smith 2015You can read an excerpt about my Grandmother’s Cape Cod garden in my book Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities in the chapter titled “My Grandmother’s Garden.”

Plover cape Cod ©kim Smith 2015,Camouflaged!

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Fascinating Look into Famous Art Heists

I attended this free event last year and was so glad that I did.  I’ll most likely make certain to go this year too.  Anthony Amore was totally engaging as he gave “the who, what, where, why – and perhaps most importantly – the how, behind some of the most incredible tales of fakes, forgeries, thefts, and art-related ponzi schemes ever committed.”  His inside view as Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum gives him an insight like non other.

Simply RSVP to the email below to attend this free and open to the public event.